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With the launch of the new and improved comes an interactive directory that brings ecommerce services to the reader. This directory allows vendors to post their services either in free or premium listings, encourages customer reviews and makes navigation easy with categories and live search.

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“This directory is a terrific way for merchants to locate vendors who can help their ecommerce business grow,” Publisher Kerry Murdock said. “The new directory allows merchants to review and rate products and services, so merchants can learn from other merchants which companies best fit their needs.”

Visit our directory by clicking here. At the top of the page is a live search function that queries the listings while you type-in keywords, saving navigation time. Also at the top of the page are options for the visitor to search or browse by category if he or she wants to search by type of service provided.

Free and premium listings

The first listings are premium listings that rearrange hierarchy randomly with every page load, so no listing is left at the bottom for long. Premium listings cost $99 for 30 days. They are presented more prominently than free listings, with the ability to upload the company’s logo and larger font sizes. They appear at the top of live search results and at the top of category pages.

Companies can automatically renew their premium listings each month, as well as edit, change or suspend their listing at any time.

Below the premium listings are free listings with no logo.

Once a listing is posted, it is included in the main search the top of each page, along with the rest of the content on the site. If a company posts a listing for a hosting company, for example, and a user searches “hosting” from the main site search box, the directory listing will show up (free or premium) under the “Directory” tab in the search results.

After potential customers navigate to a free or premium listing, they can link to the vendor’s site to find out more, utilize the print function, email the listing to a friend or post a review. Customer reviews are in the familiar “five star” format, with a title, optional body and the ability to rate the vendor on a scale of zero to five stars. Customers can also subscribe to RSS feeds of customer reviews at the top of the page.

Post your own listing or review another’s

To post a listing in the directory, first log in or create a free account with Practical eCommerce. You will then be guided through the listing process. This includes a list of writing tips and content that should be included in an effective listing. Practical eCommerce staff is available any time during business hours to assist in composing a listing.

To post a rating and review of an existing company, first create a free user account and then post your review directory below the listing itself.

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