Practical eCommerce Webinars Strive to Help Ecommerce Merchants

When we launched our webinar series several months ago, our goal was to address topics that can help ecommerce merchants improve their businesses. To date, we’ve hosted nine, one-hour webinars and we’ve covered, among other subjects, online merchandising, search engine optimization, shopping carts, email strategies and sales taxes.

On Tuesday, Nov. 24, we’ll address multi-channel selling, where merchants sell products concurrently on their own websites and on established marketplaces, like eBay. Many merchants have found success selling in multiple channels, and we’ll be discussing this and offering ideas to help others, hopefully, do the same.

Partner with Outside Experts

For each of the webinars, we partner with third-party companies that have proven expertise on the topic. These companies pay us to become the sponsor, and we ask them to help explain the topic and to share how their product and service addresses it. Attendees to the live webinar must register in advance and, by registering, the sponsor will follow-up with the attendees to determine their interest, if any, in the sponsor’s product or service.

For Tuesday’s webinar, we’ve partnered with Infopia, a Salt Lake City-based ecommerce provider with a long history of offering multi-channel marketing and logistical solutions to ecommerce merchants. Our own Armando Roggio, himself an ecommerce expert, will moderate the webinar and Infopia will contribute multi-channel strategies and ideas. There will be an opportunity for attendees to ask both Roggio and staff of Infopia questions at the end of the event.

Positive Feedback to Date

To date, we’ve received many positive comments on the webinars. The few negative comments we’ve received involved a webinar in which attendees believed the sponsor was too promotional to its own product. We believe that criticism was fair, and we’ve since taken steps to make certain our own editorial staff sets the agenda and guides the discussion.

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