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Shopping Cart Abandonment

Online shopping cart abandonment is like finding a shopping cart abandoned in your local store: Someone has placed products in their cart and walked away before completing the purchase process. Like your local store, ecommerce operators know abandoned carts mean lost revenue.

Here’s a list of common pitfalls that encourage abandoned carts:

  • FORCED ACCOUNT REGISTRATION Shoppers value their privacy. By placing the decision point for account registration at the end of the purchase process customers become more agreeable to having an account.
  • EXCESSIVE, CONFUSING SHIPPING RATES Shipping rates should be equitable to the customer and the business. Charging excessive shipping rates can cause many e-shoppers to leave without completing the purchase process. Live shipping rates from a shipping provider will help reduce shopping cart abandonment.
  • LONG CHECKOUT PROCESS Ever notice that when you go to the grocery store or department store you tend to choose the shortest line possible? E-customers tend to appreciate short, speedy checkout processes. Information should be requested in as few steps as possible to successfully complete the order process as possible.
  • FEW PAYMENT METHODS Offering as many payment options as possible allows your customers to pay with an option more suitable to their needs. Letting your customers know which payment options are available up-front improves conversion rates and reduces shopping cart abandonment.
  • COMPLICATED CHECKOUT PROCESS Your checkout process should be simple and easy to follow. Each step should progressively navigate the customer to a successfully completed order. Keeping in mind the checkout process should be short, many elements can be on the same page such as the shipping and billing information. The credit card request should come after presenting the full charges. Helping your customers through the experience you’re building trust and reducing shopping cart abandonment rates.
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