Take the Survey: Does Video Help Sell More Products?

Posting product videos on your ecommerce site could help you sell more products, according to many experts. This got us wondering how many of our readers use product videos, and how many think the use of video in ecommerce is important. We also wondered what types of obstacles could be keeping merchants from incorporating videos on their ecommerce sites.

Our July 2010 survey consists of four questions that seek your views on the use of video in ecommerce. The goal of the survey is to learn how many of our readers have product videos on their ecommerce sites, and if not, why. Survey respondents may expand on their views by leaving comments in addition to answering the survey questions.

We organize the monthly Practical eCommerce surveys to address specific topics of interest in ecommerce for the benefit of online merchants. At the end of the survey period, we compile the results and publish them.

We invite you to take our July 2010 survey and let us know how your company is handling product videos. It only takes a moment, and you’ll automatically be entered into a random drawing for a $25 Amazon gift certificate.

To take the survey, click here.

June 2010 Survey Winner

Our June 2010 survey asked readers about the particulars of their own businesses, including their outlook for near-term growth. The winner of the $25 Amazon gift certificate, using a random number generator, was Jennifer Smith of Macmillan Publishing.

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