Take the eCommerce Sales Survey

If you are worried about how your online business will survive the current economic situation, you might find it helpful to learn how other ecommerce businesses are faring. Practical eCommerce invites all online merchants to participate in a quick online survey to explore current trends in online sales and hear the thoughts of online business professionals.

The goal of this month’s Practical eCommerce survey is to discover whether individual sales have risen or fallen in the past few months, and how the overall economic situation has affected online sales in general. Completing the survey takes only a few moments, and all entrants are eligible to win $25 Amazon Gift Certificate.

“We find these merchant surveys very insightful,” says Armando Roggio, Practical eCommerce Contributing Editor. “We frequently obtain feedback that we wouldn’t have guessed, and we know our readers benefit from them, too.”

Results of the survey will be published by Practical eCommerce in April.

To take the survey, click here.

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