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Video Tutorial: Validating A Form With JavaScript

View Tutorial In form validation two common questions often arise. The first is how do you ensure once you’ve asked for an email address on an online form, you actually get one? The second is how do you make sure your customers include a name and phone number when they contact you from your website? The answer lies in form validation, or checking a form’s data before it is submitted, and JavaScript is particularly useful for client-side validation.

In this tutorial, we will create an online contact form our visitors could use to send us an email message. To guarantee they include their name, email address and a short message when they submit the form, we will use a simple JavaScript function to illustrate how validation works. By checking our form data before we submit the form, we will eliminate the potential of receiving a blank email from JavaScript enabled users.

Software Used: TextMate

Additional Files:

Click the image to launch the tutorial.

This video tutorial requires Flash Player version 8 or above. Please forward us your ideas for additional video tutorials, via our Contact Us form.

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