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Why I Love My Job

Being an entrepreneur is not for everyone. For years while I toiled working as a buyer and merchandise planner, I longed for being in a position to work for myself and to control my own destiny. I liked the work that I was doing but I hated the politics and the fact that my colleagues that got promoted were not always the brightest or hardest working.

Sometimes I envy my professional friends that have predictable and steady income, full benefits provided by their companies and other perks that come with working for big companies. But I wouldn’t trade my position for anything. The one common thread that runs through entrepreneurs is that they are always involved with their business. It truly is a 24/7 situation because even when you are not physically present in your place of business, you are networking at every opportunity: at social events, seminars, at the gym, kids’ activities, or wherever you may be. However, having control of my calendar means that I can schedule meetings and phone calls when it works for me so that I can thoroughly enjoy my family and children as they grow up. This often causes me to be working well into the early morning hours but that is perfect for me since my productivity soars after 10pm.

I’m also in the business of fun! Selling toys and hobbies to children and adults that are young at heart is such a joy. Knowing that I can help to bring smiles to the faces of other people while running a business is an amazing feeling. The products that we sell cover such a wide range of interests that our customer base is broad. We sell wooden toy trains for toddlers, science kits for budding chemists, model rockets for aerospace engineers in training, RC cars for thrill seekers and model kits for builders. Our customers provide variety in our business.

I was recently helping a middle school science & technology teacher over the phone and he was interested in buying a large quantity of rocket engines. It was an odd purchase because typically teachers and adult leaders will buy rocket kits or rocket starter sets along with engines. When I asked him if he needed to purchase some rockets along with his engines (always be selling!), he excitedly told me that his project didn’t require any rockets. His students instead were designing and building something called “line jets”. Attached by an eye hook to a wire that stretches the length of the school, these model jets are powered by rocket engines that travel hundreds of feet in a matter of seconds! He went on to say how excited the students are to work on this project and how much fun it is for them. Being an entrepreneur, helping teachers and students study science and technology while putting a smile on their face…how can it get any better than that??


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