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Chrome Extensions for ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini

Users of ChatGPT, Claude, and Gemini no longer have to access the sites directly. Third-party Chrome extensions make working with those generative AI tools much easier.

I’ve tested the following extensions for organization, productivity, and more.

Organize Chats

Easy Folders: ChatGPT & Claude Chat Organizer is a freemium Chrome extension that arranges chat history. Create up to five folders for free, color-code them, and add unlimited chats to each.

Upgrade to the premium version (£8.99 per month or £149.99 lifetime — roughly $11.25 and $187.50)  and access to more productivity features, including:

  • Cross-platform and multi-account support for ChatGPT and Claude,
  • Folders and search chat history for both platforms,
  • Unlimited folders,
  • Syncing folders across unlimited devices.
Screenshot from Chrome store for Easy Folders: ChatGPT & Claude Chat Organizer

Easy Folders: ChatGPT & Claude Chat Organizer

Prompt from a Sidebar

Sider is a freemium extension for Chrome, Safari, and Edge (desktop and mobile) to access multiple generative AI platforms from a browser sidebar.

Receive 30 free chats per day using ChatGPT 3.5, Claude 3 Haiku, and Gemini 1.0. Upgrade to the “Basic” version at $25 per month for 3,000 chats. The top premium tier at $40 per month includes unlimited chats on the three AI platforms simultaneously.

The free ChatGPT Side Panel, a Chrome extension, is a good alternative to Sider for ChatGPT Plus users. It opens ChatGPT 4 in Chrome’s sidebar for faster access.

Screenshot from the Chrome store for Sider

Sider is a freemium extension for Chrome, Safari, and Edge.

Export Chats

ChatGPT Exporter is a free Chrome extension that exports ChatGPT dialog in markdown, text, JSON, CSV, and images. Users can download:

  • The entire chat,
  • Only their prompts,
  • Only ChatGPT responses.
Screenshot for Chrome store for ChatGPT Exporter

ChatGPT Exporter

Speak ChatGPT Prompts

ChatGPT Microphone is a free Chrome extension to speak prompts into ChatGPT. Users can also add shortcuts for repetitive words.

Screenshot from the Chrome Store of ChatGPT Microphone

ChatGPT Microphone

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