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How to Streamline Holiday Order Fulfillment in 2017

For retailers, the fourth quarter typically represents a significant portion of annual revenue, as consumers purchase gifts for the holidays. The volume of orders, shipments, and customer-service questions can be difficult to manage.

In this 30-minute seminar, which first aired on October 31, 2017, we’ll offer fulfillment strategies to help your ecommerce business survive and thrive during this year’s peak shopping season.

Managing Fulfillment Volume During Peak Shopping

We’ll address the following key points.

  • Prepare your inventory. You know holiday sales are coming. We’ll offer pointers for knowing what inventory to buy, and when.
  • Prepare your staff. From office personnel to warehouse workers, your staff will likely be burdened this holiday season.  We’ll offer tools and tips to improve workflows and schedules, to increase productivity and reduce holiday stress.
  • Improve warehouse picking. Organizing the picking of products in your warehouse to reduce steps and put items that are frequently sold jointly near each other can save time and money. We’ll provide a framework.
  • Use fulfillment services. Using third-party fulfillment services, for all or part of holiday orders, can relieve shipping anxiety and help your business focus on marketing and sales. We’ll explain how to know if third-party fulfillment companies can assist your ecommerce business.
  • Ship from multiple locations. Distributed warehouses help your company fulfill quickly, deliver quickly, and lower shipping costs. We review typical sales volumes that justify using multiple warehouses.


Following his presentation, Roggio will answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenter

Armando RoggioArmando Roggio is (a) contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, (b) an independent ecommerce merchant, and (c) a seasoned web developer. He has written hundreds of articles at Practical Ecommerce, covering virtually all facets of running a successful online store. He holds a B.A. in English Writing and Journalism from The University of Pittsburgh.


About the Sponsor

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