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Sales Tax Requirements for Direct-to-consumer Brands, Manufacturers

The rise of ecommerce has helped brands and manufacturers sell products directly to end-user consumers. But selling to consumers is often more complicated than these companies realize. Among the complications are the calculation, collection, and payment of sales taxes, which can include thousands of jurisdictions, rules, and rates.

In this 30-minute seminar, which first aired on October 17, 2017, we’ll review the state of sales taxes for brands and manufacturers that sell directly to consumers.


Sales Tax Requirements for Direct-to-consumer Brands, Manufacturers

We’ll address the following key points.

  • Added complexity. The direct-to-consumer model allows brands and manufacturers to control their message. It also means brands are responsible for all aspects of the sale, including sales and use tax compliance. We’ll explain.
  • Sales tax collection. Direct-to-consumer sellers must address when and where they are obligated to collect sales tax. We’ll address sales tax nexus now and in the future, including taxability of items and services, rates, and reporting.
  • Drop-shipping issues. Manufacturers that drop ship and fulfill orders on behalf of sellers have unique sales-tax-compliance requirements. Multi-state transactions add to the confusion.  We’ll review.


Following his presentation, Shane Ratigan, the presenter, will answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenter

Shane RatiganShane Ratigan is a contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce. He’s a senior tax manager, state and local tax, at Clark Nuber PS, an accounting and consulting firm in Seattle. Prior to Clark Nuber, Ratigan was, respectively, senior tax manager and content manager for Avalara, the sales and use tax compliance platform and the sponsor of this seminar. He holds a L.L.M. from University of Washington School of Law, a J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law, and a B.S. in Accounting and Business Administration from State University of New York College at Plattsburg.

About the Sponsor

Avalara is a leading sales-tax compliance solution and one of six certified service providers by the Streamlined Sales Tax Project in the U.S. Avalara’s AvaTax cloud-based service offers real-time rate calculation and automatic return filing, for businesses of all types and sizes. AvaTax easily integrates with ecommerce platforms and ERP and accounting systems.