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Accertify® offers fraud management, payment gateway, and chargeback management services.

Accertify’s® Fraud Management service provides real-time decisioning through a its fraud scoring engine that can screens transactions to turn large volumes of disparate data into actionable intelligence to reduce fraud.

Accertify® Chargeback Management addresses every element of the chargeback management process from review and analysis to representation and reporting.

Accertify® Profile Builder allows merchants to create views around a customer, a product, an event, or any number of data points. Merchant profile data is collected, securely stored and aggregated as defined by the merchant and can be used for any number of potential use cases, including account takeover, entity monitoring, customer loyalty, ecommerce and card not present fraud, policy compliance, and user demographics.

The Accertify® Payment Gateway provides the ability to electronically route payment transactions to major processors in the U.S., U.K., Australia, and Mexico and deliver a consolidated reporting of global processing volumes for all major brands.



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