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Retail Assist’s PIM — product information management— platform, OMIO PIM, enables fashion retailers to simultaneously optimize products across all digital channels via a single software-as-a-service platform.

OMIO PIM offers multimarket, multicurrency and multilingual services to provide a single point of entry to draw together and enhance product data and publish information across digital selling channels — allowing teams to work collaboratively to get products to market in the quickest possible time.

Some of OMIO PIM’s key benefits include:

  • Reducing costs and improving data accuracy with a single point of entry.
  • Seamless collaboration across teams to unify product data.
  • Improving search engine optimization via enhanced product information.
  • Saving time by creating complex product ranges, using intelligent data that recognizes similar products.
  • Ensuring that products are optimized consistently across all selling channels before publication.

OMIO PIM helps companies to centralize consistent, rich information across routes to market.



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