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OMIO PIM, powered by Retail Assist, provides a product information management platform to help companies optimize products in the digital marketplace. It offers over 20 years of experience within the retail technology sector, supporting leading high street brands. With product experience management — PXM — at its heart, utilizing elements of artificial intelligence, OMIO PIM optimizes products in the right place, at the right time. Along with this, OMIO PIM is a SaaS model, avoiding upfront payment costs and offering a scalable solution.

Some of OMIO PIM’s key benefits include:

  • Boost accuracy with a single port of product data entry.
  • Improve product search engine optimization by adapting copy to react to trends.
  • Better management of product campaigns – keep product data in one place and synchronize workflow between teams.
  • Increase turnover and profit with accelerated speed to market.
  • Unlimited digital selling channels. Products are optimized for all selling channels and can be sent to marketplaces or retailers, with OMIO OPIM’s built-in connectors.



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