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PIMworks, from Mobius, provides a centralized product information management and syndication platform that helps businesses face product data management challenges. It automatically synchronizes data guidelines, instantly validates marketplaces and channels, ensures faster time to market, and most importantly, makes the user’s omnichannel presence a breeze. Its flexible PIM software lets users utilize data modeling, manage digital assets, control data quality, and syndicate content to stay more organized.

Customer experience largely depends upon the accuracy of product information. PIMworks helps improve the accuracy of product content through machine learning-based product catalog enrichment features allowing product managers, catalog managers, marketing teams, and more to collaborate effectively by creating workflows.

PIMworks offers integrations with BigCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and more to ensure users can take businesses to every ecommerce site they desire and sell anywhere.

With PIMworks users can collaborate better, provide a seamless customer experience, and always stay ahead of the competition.



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