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PixConvert is a monthly subscription service that sends online retailers lifestyle product photography on a monthly basis, helping brands increase conversion and social engagement. Brands simply have to decide on the number of photos per month they’d like to receive.

Here’s how it works:

  • Choose how many photos to receive each month.
  • Have an initial call with the PixConvert team to describe brand goals.
  • Send PixConvert the products to be photographed.
  • PixConvert finds a photographer in its network and located near the retailer that has the skills to match brand goals.
  • PixConvert organizes and conducts the shoot.
  • PixConvert edits the photos and sends them to the retailer.

PixConvert helps companies save time by no longer having to worry about organizing photo shoots, save money with fixed pricing, and receive stunning visual content to increase conversion and social engagement.



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