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Primaseller a complete point-of-sale and online multi-channel inventory management solution. A must-have tool for retailers who want to grow their business by selling on more than one channel. Whether it is a marketplace, a retail outlet or an ecommerce store, Primaseller syncs your inventory across all of these channels in real-time.


  • Manage your retail stores and online sales from a single platform.
  • Avoid stock-outs by syncing your inventory across channels.
  • Automate your purchase orders and never miss out on getting your goods on time.
  • Manage your accounting with QuickBooks integration online.
  • Partner with shipping providers across geographies and track your orders until they reach your customer.
  • Expand your channels on Primaseller as you grow. Primaseller supports multiple stores across channels.
  • Set up your retail store(s) point-of-sale with just an iPad and Primaseller as your point of sale system.



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Primaseller multichannel software.
Primaseller multichannel software.
Primaseller multichannel software.
Primaseller integrations.