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QualityTrade is an ISO certified trade network with over one million certified companies in its marketplace. QualityTrade works with companies to grow their business while improving the quality of trade globally.

Positive impacts of trading with certified companies:

  • Trade impacts. Global trade losses are increasing. QualityTrade directs trade to certified companies who produce reliable products and services to decrease global trade losses.
  • Employee impacts. 319 million people suffer workplace injuries and deaths each year. QualityTrade helps direct trade to certified companies who provide safe work conditions.
  • Environmental impacts. Nine million people die from pollution each year. These incidences will reduce by using certified companies who are environmentally responsible.
  • Social impacts. 152 million children are victims of child labor. By directing trade to certified companies who do not employ children, child labor will decrease.

QualityTrade’s vision is to create a world where consumers have reliable access to businesses who can prove they do the right thing by their customers, employees and the environment through certification. It does this through its mission to build the world’s most trusted B2B marketplace, connecting quality conscious buyers with high-quality, compliant, ISO certified companies.



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