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ShipperHQ is a storefront shipping management system that allows ecommerce merchants to offer the best possible shipping rates and options at checkout. With Shipper HQ merchants can control and manage their shipping strategy with enterprise-level functionality.


  • Carrier rules. Set rules to show customized rates for specific geographic zones, shipping groups, or a range of dates and display special shipping options based on conditions.
  • Dimensional shipping. Define custom package dimensions to calculate the most accurate rates possible.
  • In-store pickup. Set one or more pickup location by showing a pickup option only to customers within a certain distance from store locations.
  • Date and time. Display an estimated delivery date or time in transit by taking into account real-world information about cutoff times, lead time, maximum time in transit, and more.
  • Multi-origin dropship. Set up multiple shipping origins for products available from multiple locations.
  • Backup carriers. Define a carrier to take over if a live-rate carrier is unavailable for any reason.
  • Less than truckload freight. Provide customers with LTL rates for large orders, or bulky and heavy products.
  • Address verification. Validate U.S. addresses for any carrier.



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