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SLI Systems
SLI Systems

SLI Systems is a global software company with solutions that help online retailers achieve higher sales and repeat customers.

SLI Systems accelerates ecommerce in three ways – by generating more traffic, converting more shoppers into buyers, and increasing order values.

It does this through the SLI Buyer Engine™, a cloud-based, artificial intelligence platform that uses patented technology to learn from user behavior and continuously improve our customers’ site search, navigation, and site visibility in web search engines.

SLI Systems Solutions include:

  • SLI Learning Search® turns shoppers into buyers by
    accurately predicting which products they are most
    likely to buy.
  • SLI Rich Auto Complete™ visually displays the most relevant
    product names, categories and images as users type into
    the search box, reducing the number of clicks from search
    to purchase.
  • SLI Enhanced Search Personalization™ shortens the
    path to purchase by instantly and dynamically personalizing
    the shopping experience for both your first-time visitors
    and loyal customers.
  • SLI Learning Navigation® builds dynamic navigation based
    on shopper behavior to guide shoppers to what they want
    in the fewest amount of clicks.
  • SLI Learning Recommendations™ maximizes average order
    values by delivering the most proven and natural upsell and
    cross-sell results.
  • SLI Landing Page Creator™ allows retailers to easily
    curate, promote and move products with drag-and-drop
    merchandising controls and SEO-friendly URLs.
  • SLI Site Champion® increases site traffic by helping
    shoppers find your products in search engines.
  • SLI Mobile™ provides a streamlined user experience that
    makes shopping intuitive from any device.
  • SLI Commerce Console™ organizes key sales insight
    and merchandising capabilities into one easy-to-use
    control center.



101 Metro Dr.
San Jose, CA 95110
United States