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Spark Shipping provides a complete dropship automation platform that connects all of your suppliers with your website and marketplace accounts. Automate uploading products, updating inventory, sending orders, and receiving tracking updates in one place.


  • Load products with full descriptions and high-resolution images.
  • Associate a single product with multiple suppliers.
  • Update inventory as your suppliers’ qualities change.
  • Real-time update prices to match your suppliers.
  • Automatically route orders to the cheapest in-stock supplier.
  • Push tracking back to your end-user.

Spark Shipping’s prebuilt integration with more than 100 suppliers so enables you to be up and running quickly. If you work with small suppliers, the Spark Shipping Custom Vendor allows you to build integrations on the fly.

Spark Shipping provides a free 1-on-1 onboarding session to walk through the setup and answer any questions.



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