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Spree Commerce provides a free open source ecommerce platform, built on the Ruby on Rails platform, distributed as a Ruby Gem. It is an extensible, and production-ready data model and administrative interface.


Customizable views and extensions. Spree Commerce applications utilize an extension mechanism which allows developers to override existing views or to provide new ones. Developers can also provide additional models, migrations and controllers.

Payment gateways. Spree Commerce supports major payment gateways and Paypal Website Payments Standard service, as an extension.

Inventory model: Spree Commerce offers an inventory model that provides variant-level tracking and a system for handling backorders.

International support. Basic localization features for changing the language and currency are included.

Taxonomy. Spree Commerce includes a method to categorize products.

Shipping integration: The shipping framework is designed to be extensible, but there are several extensions available that provide a variety of shipping options including UPS and USPS.



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