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Wild Fix Media helps ecommerce companies launch new products and offers, audit their advertising, improve conversions, and drive sales on multiple channels by building audiences and traffic through Facebook advertisements.

Wild Fix Media helps companies pull out the “why” message that sets their business apart from the competition. It works with clients to create a strong hook that will be the key to success in all copy and articles moving forward.

Funnel strategy:
Wild Fix Media maps out funnel strategy based on each company’s ideal client. It offers built-in segmenting logic to screen for ideal clients and ensure brand and messaging consistency by mapping out messaging, building front and back end funnels, integrations, and tracking, and strategically advising on content pillars and content strategy to assist with online funnels.

Facebook Ad campaign setup and management:
Services include set up, management, and optimization for frontend Facebook ad campaigns to funnel. Mapping out audience and evergreen retargeting sequences, and ensuring that all ads are compliant with updated Facebook terms and GDPR (if applicable), and split testing to optimize results. WildFix Media also provides ongoing monitoring, split testing, reporting, and recommendations.



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