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How to Launch an Ecommerce Business with (Very Little) Money

Ecommerce businesses can be great equalizers. Even small companies can compete with large online sellers, but it doesn’t mean that the competition is fair. For example, one site — Amazon — represents a third of all U.S. online retail sales. To launch an ecommerce business with very little money, you should plan carefully and turn your challenges into advantages.

In this webinar, which first aired May 19, 2020, we’ll provide essential steps for starting a successful ecommerce company on a shoestring budget.

Launching an Ecommerce Business

  • Choose your products. Will you have one product or many? Will you resell products from popular brands or create your own label? How does your product help consumers? We’ll provide a framework to help you choose products.
  • Pick a business model. How will you sell? Ecommerce businesses can have many selling models — on your website, on marketplaces, via social media, and more. How you sell will impact the software you use and the marketing you do. We’ll review the pros and cons of each.
  • Develop a marketing plan. Marketing may be the most critical factor for ecommerce success. Without a lot to invest, you’ll need to plan and be patient. We’ll discuss low- or no-cost marketing methods.
  • Choose your tools. There are many inexpensive (or free) software options to help you get started. We’ll examine the most common and offer suggestions.
  • Comply with regulations and laws. From legal structure to employees, your business must comply with general business laws as well as ecommerce specific ones. We’ll provide a checklist.
  • Learn from experience. Seasoned business owners who share their successes and mistakes can be invaluable to new entrepreneurs.  We’ll hear from a longtime, successful ecommerce merchant on his good and bad decisions, and how he would launch a business in 2020.


Following our presentation, we’ll answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenters

Armando RoggioArmando Roggio is (a) senior contributing editor for Practical Ecommerce, (b) an independent ecommerce merchant, and (c) a seasoned web developer. He has written hundreds of articles at Practical Ecommerce, covering virtually all facets of running a successful online store. He holds a B.A. in English Writing and Journalism from The University of Pittsburgh.

Peter Keller is founder and CEO of FringeSport, an online strength and conditioning equipment company. He has grown FringeSport from his garage, in 2010, to millions in annual revenue. He is also a Practical Ecommerce contributor.

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