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Killer Amazon Ad Strategies for Brands, Retailers

Advertising on Amazon can drive much traffic. But it can also be expensive and produce little benefit. In this 30-minute online seminar, which first aired on April 30, 2019, we’ll offer proven, expert strategies to get the most from Amazon’s Sponsored Brands ads, Sponsored Products ads, and Display ads.

Killer Amazon Ad Strategies for Brands, Retailers

We’ll address the following key points.

  • A9, targets, and search terms. High-performing advertisers understand Amazon’s A9 search engine and the importance of aligning “targets” and search terms in their ads and in product and brand pages.  We’ll explain.
  • Tools for the best ad strategy. Amazon’s ad platform offers detailed performance reports, with tools to tweak campaigns and tweak the content on product and brand pages.  We’ll review.
  • Optimizing your brand storefront. Sponsored Brand campaigns are more efficient when the front-end content and backend data of a brand page are optimized. We’ll discuss, with examples.
  • Optimizing your product page. Aligning the search terms, targets, and ad copy with a product listing can lower bid costs and drive conversions. We’ll discuss how to minimize ad expense while increasing conversions for Sponsored Product ads.
  • Reducing your CPC bids. Advertisers have three ways to use targets and search terms to lower their advertising cost per click. We’ll explain each.
  • Evaluate ad placement. Sponsored Product and Sponsored Brand ads can appear in three places on Amazon. The top of page 1 — one of the placement options — may not be the best location. We’ll review, with examples of actual conversion data.


Following the presentation, we’ll answer questions from attendees.

About the Presenter

Phil MasielloPhil Masiello is a contributor to Practical Ecommerce. He is (i) a long-time, high-volume Amazon seller and advertiser, (ii) the founder of NuPeptin, an online retailer of skin care products, and (iii) co-founder of CrunchGrowth, a marketing agency. Phil was previously founder and CEO of Raw Beauty, Inc., which developed and marketed skin care products through ecommerce, and founder of 800razors.com.

About the Sponsor

Perpetua is an AI-powered optimization platform for Sponsored Product ads and Sponsored Brand ads on Amazon. Perpetua’s ad engine helps the world’s smartest brands, media agencies, and sellers increase sales and minimize advertising costs — as well as dramatically save time on the minutiae of managing Amazon Ads.