Product Spotlight: Mercado 4, Surveys, And More

One Stop Site for Wholesale Products

WorldwideBrands’ new OneSource is an online database of thousands of wholesalers representing millions of wholesale products. Users can search by product category for specific items and can export results to Word and Excel. The site contains market analyses for each wholesale product, keywords that consumers use to search for that product and more. One-time fee of $299 gains access to the site.

Merchandise Products Automatically

Mercado Software’s new Mercado 4 helps ecommerce merchants maximize both conversion percentages and overall profits. With Mercado 4, merchants can automatically position best-selling products, close-out products, high-margins products and so forth. Using this software, merchants can customize site search results (best sellers, highest margin, most inventory) and can also quickly deploy banner ads for preferred products. Mercado 4 pulls from analytics programs, inventory management programs, site search analyses and more to help its merchant customers. Offers both licenses and hosted models, with hosted solutions starting at $3,500 per month.

Record and Edit Audio Files

Audacity provides free downloadable software for ecommerce merchants to easily record and edit audio files. Using Audactiy, one can import and export existing audio files, dub over existing tracks, and record (via a microphone or other input devise) conversations and general dialog. Ecommerce merchants can this to create product podcasts and customer interviews, among other uses. Free download, at

Enhance Product Images, Zooms, Alternative Views

Rich media is the term generally given to the technology that allows online consumers to zoom in on a product image, or see alternative views of it, or see differing colors, overlays and sizes. Scene7 provides licenses and hosted rich-media merchandizing solutions for ecommerce merchants. With Scene7’s tools, consumers can research products better and otherwise make better-informed purchasing decisions. This drives customer conversion rates, among other benefits. Priced based on content served from several hundred dollars per month.

Survey Customers Easily

SurveyMonkey is an affordable way to query your customers online. Using SurveyMonkey’s hosted solutions, ecommerce merchants can automatically ask customers about most anything. This could include the most important question of all: “Would you recommend our company to a friend?” From $19.95 per month.

Throwing a Party? Invite with Goovite

Is your ebusiness hosting an event? Use Goovite to send out the invitations and track RSVPs, comments, declines and more. A free service, from Good Experience.

Protect Copyrighted Works, eBooks, White Papers helps authors, artists and holders of digital property protect their work. It does this by assigning a unique number to such works and establishes a definitive date and time that the work was created. (Establishing a creation date and time is frequently critical during a copyright dispute.) Once this unique number is established, you can search the Internet to determine who’s using it. Amateur accounts are free. Professional accounts are $4.95 per month.

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