Fewer than 5% of visitors to an ecommerce site typically convert to customers. In this Conversion category, we offer insights to increase that percentage. Our expert contributors address ratings and reviews, social proof, site search, product page enhancements, product descriptions, checkout options, live chat, and much more — anything to help close online sales.

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Screenshot from of a video with a caption
Photography & Video

AI Tools for Video Captions

Captions improve retention, comprehension, engagement, and accessibility.

Illustration of a U.S. $20 bill with a graph on top
Analytics & Data

Charts: U.S. Retail Ecommerce Sales Q4 2023

Illustration of a flat world map
Analytics & Data

Charts: Global Economic Outlook Q1 2024

Abstract forex background with map and lines. Investment, trade and finance concept. 3D Rendernig
Analytics & Data

Charts: 2024 Outlook of Global CEOs

Photo of a man looking at a smartphone screen
Customer Retention

Online Shoppers Expect More from Sellers

Illustration of the numbers "2 0 2 4" with a person standing on top
Analytics & Data

Charts: U.S. Consumer Outlook Q1 2024

Smiling female in front of many delivery boxes
Customer Retention

Profit Boosters from Repeat Buyers

Photo of a shopper virtually trying on shoes on her smarthpone
Customer Retention

Omnichannel Retail Will Accelerate in 2024

Screenshot from Chirp email offering a coupon code
Checkout Tactics

How I Restrict Coupon Abuse

The text "Customer Acquisition Costs" imprinted on a highway
Customer Retention

How to Break Even on Customer Acquisition

Illustration of letters "G" and "A"
Analytics & Data

GA4: User Acquisition vs. Sessions

U.K. flag
Analytics & Data

Charts: Ecommerce in the U.K.

Photo of a MacBook Pro case from
Customer Retention

Are Cross-selling and Personalization Now the Same?

Image of cocktail products on a shelft
Analytics & Data

Brand Metrics for Ecommerce Companies

Screenshot from Wiredsport of a snowboard product bundle
Product Pages

How to Test Product Bundles to Boost Profits

John Ruggiero
Photography & Video

For Manly Bands, Manufacturing Is Storytelling Gold

Google Analytics icon
Analytics & Data

New GA4 Shopper Journey Reports Are Powerful

Illustration of Europe map with gold stars of member states
Analytics & Data

Charts: Ecommerce in Europe 2023

Photo of a laptop computer with graphs on the screen
Analytics & Data

How Traffic Sources Impact Online Sales

Illustration of Google Analytics logo in a circle
Analytics & Data

Google Analytics 4 Transition Update

AI-generated female avatar from Synthesia
Photography & Video

4 Handy AI Video Generators

Drawing on paper of a mechanical flywheel
Customer Retention

Ecommerce Companies Need Flywheels

A mom holding a baby from North States website.
Photography & Video

Using Photos to Convey Product Size

Illustration of a customer service concept
Customer Retention

11 Post-purchase Retention Tactics

Childrens pink canvas sports shoes
Photography & Video

AI Background Generators for Product Photos

Photo of a guage Promoter, Passive, and Detractor
Customer Retention

Drive Customer Satisfaction with NPS

Bed Bath & Beyond store and signage in a prominent shopping center
Customer Retention

Lessons from Bed Bath & Beyond

Photo of a male customer service rep wearing a headset
Customer Service

KPIs for Ecommerce Customer Service