10 Slideshare Presentations for Marketers, Designers

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by Web Marketing Today. Practical Ecommerce acquired Web Marketing Today in 2012. In 2016, we merged the two sites, leaving Practical Ecommerce as the successor.

Slide presentations provide an excellent opportunity to learn something new about marketing at your own pace. Here are 10 quality slide presentations on web marketing and design.

How to Build a Better Inbound Marketing Machine

Marketo, a marketing software company, presents on inbound marketing — what it means, and how to do it right.

The Evolution of Web 3.0

Marta Strickland, social media strategist at Organic, Inc., an advertising agency, demonstrates Web 3.0 technologies — i.e., the social web. It’s a 2007 presentation, but it still has much useful content and offers a historical perspective on social media development. In part, it’s a cautionary tale on how and where to spend your marketing energy.

Viral Marketing Theory

Emakina is a digital marketing agency. This presentation looks into what it means to be viral on the web, and how to best do it. Knowing what people tend to share, and how they share it is critical in today’s web marketing environment.

Rise of the Marketing Technologist

Scott Brinker, with Chief Marketing Technologist, explains the blending of technology and marketing, and how technical — programming, interfaces, and design — skills are important to a marketer, or a marketing agency.

Word of Mouth Marketing Techniques

Kameran Ahari, an entrepreneur, e-marketing executive, and business strategy consultant, explains the importance of word of mouth marketing. In the modern marketing area, word of mouth encompasses all media due to the “connectedness” of the world.

101 Awesome Marketing Quotes

Compiled by HubSpot, a marketing software company, these quotes may well ring true to anyone involved in the marketing of a product, service, or brand.

Start Up Metrics 101

Dave McClure, venture capitalist at 500Startups, offers insight into the five critical things a startup should be measuring daily. While directed at new companies, these metrics can apply to any company launching a new product or service.

Responsive Design


Sara Cannon, partner and creative director for Range, a design and development agency, talks about responsive design, when a web page renders well on any device: laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop.

Don’t Panic: 101 Guide to Online PR, Social Media, SEO and Web Marketing


Beyond, a creative digital agency, provides a high-level overview of where businesses need to be on the web, and how they should be managing an effective online presence.

For A Future-Friendly Web

Brad Frost, mobile web strategist and frontend designer, dissects the principles of web design for mobile, and describes how marketing can assist in this process.

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