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11 New Ecommerce Books for Spring 2014

At last, spring is here. Here is a list of new ecommerce and Internet-marketing books for spring 2014. There are new titles on content marketing, entrepreneurship, web psychology, small business branding, launching a venture, and low-cost innovation.

I compiled this list using Amazon. From Amazon’s “Books” category, I selected “Business & Money.” From there I chose the “Industries & Professions” sub-category and selected “E-commerce.” Then I handpicked titles from that group, based on customer ratings and relation to ecommerce. In addition, I selected a few titles from the “Small Business & Entrepreneurship” sub-category.

11 New Ecommerce Books

Inbound: How to Create Marketing People Love by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah


When you ignore or don’t listen hard enough to your existing customers, you can’t provide the solution that they’re looking for, which ultimately drives them to your competition. Get the advice you need from Inbound, by the co-founders of HubSpot, to effectively align sales and marketing to convert more leads, create remarkable content, and get contented customers. Hardcover $24.17.

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth: Entrepreneurship for Weirdos, Misfits, and World Dominators by Chris Brogan

The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth

Written by the always entertaining digital-marketing guru Chris Brogan, The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth is a guide for the kind of person who wouldn’t normally pick up a business book. The personal business revolution is upon us, and this book provides a plan for starting a revolutionary business, including how to be as weird as you want while providing a viable business structure. Kindle $11.99; Hardcover $18.30.

Click.ology: What Works in Online Shopping and How Your Business Can Use Consumer Psychology to Succeed by Graham Jones


In Click.ology, Internet psychologist Graham Jones examines online consumer habits. Learn the ways in which online shopping differs from traditional brick-and-mortar salesmanship and how to tweak a website to avoid abandoned shopping carts. This guide distills the psychological essentials every company needs to know to turn clicks into dollars. Kindle $10.38; Paperback $15.24.

The Social Media MBA Guide to ROI: How to Measure and Improve Your Return on Investment by Christer Holloman

The Social Media MBA Guide to ROI

From the The Social Media MBA series, this book is for those who want to start measuring the returns on investment from their social media activities. It covers practical topics, such as setting up free and premium analytics tools, taking advantage of free built-in return-on-investment features on social media platforms, and case studies from social media savvy brands sharing their approach to ROI. Hardcover $28.76.

Open Standards and the Digital Age: History, Ideology, and Networks by Andrew L. Russell

Open Standards and the Digital Age

For much of the twentieth century, information networks were closed systems subject to centralized control. In the 1970s and 1980s, however, engineers experimented with design strategies to create new digital networks. In the process, they embraced discourses of “openness” to describe their ideological commitments to entrepreneurship, technological innovation, and participatory democracy. Open Standards and the Digital Age examines the evolution of openness as a principle of the modern network. Paperback $25.94; Hardcover $89.10.

Digital Branding: A Complete Step-by-Step Guide to Strategy, Tactics and Measurement by Daniel Rowles

Digital Branding

Digital Branding is a step-by-step, practical framework for brand planning, channel selection, and measuring the effectiveness of brand campaigns. Exploring content marketing, social media, search optimization, and web analytics, it contains real world case studies, a guide to free and paid tools to help measure the ROI, and examples of social guidelines, process and policy. Paperback $22.46.

Website Branding for Small Businesses: Secret Strategies for Building a Brand, Selling Products Online, and Creating a Lasting Community by Nathalie Nahai

Website Branding for Small Businesses.

Website Branding for Small Businesses draws from the fields of psychology, neuroscience, and behavioral economics to share developments, techniques, and insights that lead small businesses to online success. Learn how to develop a compelling, influential, and profitable online strategy to catapult your brand to the next level. Kindle $9.99; Paperback $15.16.

The Retargeting Playbook: How to Turn Web-Window Shoppers into Customers by Adam Berke, Gregory Fulton and Lauren Vaccarello

The Retargeting Playbook

The Retargeting Playbook is a digital marketing guide on how to reach the people who leave a brand’s website without converting. Examine real-world case studies from leading brands on the proper use of retargeting and its accessibility to companies of all sizes. Learn how to stay in front of potential customers to increase conversions and win people who would have otherwise been lost. Kindle $14.99; Hardcover $21.47.

Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way: Sustainable Success for the Creative Entrepreneur by Jennifer Lee and Michael Port

Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way

Building Your Business the Right-Brain Way is a guide that combines solid business expertise with a right-brain perspective, inspiring creativity and innovation. Learn to assess your business’s unique ecosystem, promote your product with authenticity, establish your own infrastructure, and carve out vital white space to pause, reflect and celebrate. Paperback $16.68.

The Frugal Innovator: Creating Change on a Shoestring Budget by Charles Leadbeater

The Frugal Innovator

This book looks at the phenomenon of low-cost innovation and explores what we can learn from the entrepreneurs and innovators in developing nations who are making amazing technical and social advances with scarce capital and resources. By examining the principles, drivers, and methods for frugal innovation, the author shows how they can be applied and used wherever you are and whatever your capital. Hardcover $25.13.

Launch!: The Critical 90 Days from Idea to Market by Scott Duffy


Launch! presents a practical approach for turning your big idea into a thriving venture by focusing on the crucial period of 90 days immediately before, during, and after starting your business. Learn to create your pre-launch checklist, assemble your team and resources, and bring your idea to market through partnerships, initiatives and strategies. Kindle $10.99; Hardcover $18.61.

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