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14 Free Tools and Resources for YouTube

YouTube offers many free tools and resources to help produce and promote your ecommerce videos, whether you have an established brand channel or you are shooting your first product video.

Here is a list of tools and resources from YouTube to produce and promote your videos. There are tools to enhance videos with captions, effects, merchandise annotations, and more. There are also significant production resources to assist and promote budding video creators. All of these resources are free.

Creator Hub

Creator Hub is a resource center to help you create content and find an audience. Find programs and tools, education guides, and support resources.

YouTube Creator Hub

Creator Hub.

Programs and Tools

YouTube Programs & Tools

Programs & Tools.

YouTube Analytics. Get a comprehensive view of your video analytics. Access view count, demographics, traffic sources, array of devices, and audience retention.

YouTube Capture. Upload video faster with the YouTube Capture app. Available for iPhone and iPad. Make your videos pop with automatic color correction, stabilization, trimming, and music tracks. Upload simultaneously to multiple social media networks.

YouTube Enhance. Make tweaks and add effects to your videos directly on YouTube. Perform a one click-fix to enhance lighting and color. Stabilize, trim, apply filters, face blurring, and slow motion.

Captions. Apply captions to your videos. Adding captions to your videos is a quick and easy way to expand your audience and improve your search rankings.

Partner Program. The YouTube Partner Program features dozens of programs to help you amplify your YouTube experience. Through YouTube Partner Promotion, partner videos appear on YouTube with featured video, as well as offsite on the Google Display Network and across the Internet.

Annotations to Merch Store. Merch annotations provide creators a way to promote their licensed merchandise directly in their videos. Once you’ve enabled external annotations links, you can create links from your videos to approved external retail sites where you sell related merchandise.

Next Creator. YouTube NextUp is a flagship development program designed to help up-and-coming channels refine their skills and learn what it takes to get to the next level. The program provides training, mentoring, and promotion.

On the Rise. On The Rise is a monthly promotional program for up-and-coming YouTube partners. Featured partners are determined based on their demonstration of strong original content, optimization strategies, and community support.

YouTube Space. YouTube Space was built for YouTube creators to make original videos, collaborate with other channels, share experiences, network, attend workshops, screenings and events, and get invaluable hands-on experience with industry-leading production equipment and resources. If you’re creating a significant amount of content, you may be able to access YouTube Space.

Social Tools. Take advantage of powerful social features to engage and broadcast to your fans. Create a Google+ Page for your brand. Engage with your fans live and broadcast it using Hangouts on Air.


YouTube Education


Creator Academy. Become a successful creator with free courses to advance your YouTube skills. Learn techniques from online interactive courses with YouTube experts. The current course dives into the different parts of the new OneChannel design, explaining how each can help you attract more subscribers and viewers.


YouTube Support


Get answers to you questions in the Help Center. Get help and learn from other YouTube users and guides in the Product Forum. Share suggestions, ask questions, and connect with YouTube creators from around the world in the Partner Forum.

Working Together

YouTube Working Together

Working Together.

Here is an overview of YouTube’s free and premium resources for creators. It’s a snapshot of tools and resources to help you through the different stages of your creative journey.

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