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14 Brands on TikTok, for Inspiration

Contributor Kaleena Stroud’s recent TikTok articles help merchants produce videos on that platform and drive sales. In addition, following the TikTok tactics of leading brands can generate ideas for your own promotions.

Here is a list of top brands on TikTok to inspire your production and marketing. There are product launches, creative user campaigns, contests, and lots of short and funny videos with music.

Washington Post

Screenshot of Washington Post video on TikTok

Geoffrey Fowler @washingtonpost

Washington Post posts its news content mainly through tech columnist Geoffrey Fowler. His short-sketch delivery explains news issues and highlights the depth of the newspaper. Fowler’s presence personalizes and adapts the brand for TikTok. Washington Post has 906.9 thousand followers and 36.1 million likes on TikTok.


Screenshot of Chipotle video on TikTok


Chipotle has various content on TikTok to showcase food its production, new products, and customers. The video clip above announces the arrival of new quesadillas with screaming audio, which turns it into something more than an ad. Chipotle also launched a #ChipotleRoyalty contest with influencer David Dobrik. The winners had their orders featured and won $10,000. Chipotle has 1.5 million follows and 28.2 million likes.


Screenshot of Gymshark video on TikTok

@gymshark @ginascarangella_

Gymshark is an exercise apparel and accessories brand that posts gym-related content, including silly workout challenges, memes, videos, and impressive gym feats. Gymshark has 2.5 million followers and 38.6 million likes on TikTok.

Too Faced Cosmetics #TFBornThisWay

Screenshot of Too Faced Cosmetics video on TikTok

@laurieelle @toofaced #tfbornthisway

Too Faced Cosmetics ran the #TFBornThisWay campaign with influencers to promote its Born This Way line of makeup foundation. Clips also include an augmented reality effect to highlight a user’s photo-ready appearance. More than 450,000 videos were created for the challenge, which received 2.6 billion views.

Mastercard #PricelessWave

Screenshot of Mastercard video on TikTok

@harrietfreestyle #PricelessWave

Mastercard launched the #PricelessWave campaign to celebrate the return from the pandemic of the UEFA Champions League and European football. Users joined the biggest wave ever, raising their arms and showing off some sports skills, and then applying a Priceless effect to add celebration graphics. The campaign has generated 2.1 billion views.

Converse #ConverseAllStar

Screenshot of Converse video on TikTok

@photomum #ConverseAllStar

Converse ran the #ConverseAllStar contest, calling on followers to apply their creative skills to a Converse canvas. The prize was a ticket to the Converse Creative All-Star Series event in London to work and learn from influential creatives. The campaign has 68.7 million views.

Guess #inmydenim

Screenshot of Guess video on TikTok

@ourfire #inmydenim

Guess ran the #inmydenim campaign, challenging followers to display their style in denim with before-and-after videos, from “mess to best-dressed.” Fashion content performs well on TikTok, and the challenge gave people the chance to show off their creativity. The campaign has generated 52.7 million views.


Screenshot of NBA video on TikTok

@nba #halftimeshow #magic

The NBA uses TikTok to show stupendous dunks and playmaking. But it also shows funny behind-the-scenes content and unusual game flubs. NBA has 12.4 million followers and 286.8 million likes on TikTok.

San Diego Zoo

Screenshot of San Diego Zoo video on TikTok

@sandiegozoo #elephantastic

San Diego Zoo shows short clips of its animals. The videos are not only inspirational and educational, but they also use creative filters and meme text graphics. San Diego Zoo has 1.8 million followers and 24.1 million likes on TikTok.

Red Bull

Screenshot of Red Bull video on TikTok


Red Bull has long produced and supported extreme sports. Its TikTok clips are sports-related highlights. However, many clips are from viewer requests, which adds to the channel’s experience. Red Bull has 5.4 million followers and 86 million likes on TikTok.

Target #TargetChallenge

Screenshot of Target video on TikTok

abbieherbert_ #TargetChallenge

Target is a destination for users to display what they’ve purchased and show their personal style. Recently the #TargetChallenge has trended with its simple, interactive game format — couples buy and reveal items for each other based on a list of parameters (e.g., favorite drink, favorite color). #TargetChallenge has over 400 million views.

Crocs #ThousandDollarCrocs

Screenshot of Crocs video on TikTok

@crocs #ThousandDollarCrocs

Crocs generated amazing results with its #ThousandDollarCrocs campaign. Users showed their “$1,000 Crocs,” displaying creativity and flair, which is what TikTok is all about. The campaign has generated 3 billion views.


Screenshot of SNL video on TikTok


Saturday Night Live posts sketch highlights from recent broadcasts, as well as classic moments from SNL’s nearly 50-year history. The format is ideal for TikTok’s short format. SNL has 2.7 million followers and 30 million likes on the platform.


Screenshot of Amazon video on TikTok


Amazon does not have a very active TikTok page. However, Amazon is developing its TikTok presence through its partnerships with influencers. Its sponsored ad with comedian Jason Nash has generated 12.7 million views.

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