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30 Top Selling Shops on Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace for small businesses that offer handmade or vintage items. Sellers distinguish themselves with an assortment of social tools, such as admirers, circles, favorite Etsy shops and items, and number of sale transactions.

If you offer unique or handmade items, Etsy may be a helpful addition to your ecommerce site. And if you want to launch a creative product, Etsy may be a good place to test the waters.

Here is a list of the top selling shops on Etsy. Included with each shop is the owner, the number of the shop’s admirers, and the number of the shop’s sale transactions since its launch on Etsy. Rankings are taken from Craftcount as of June 18, 2012.

Top 10 Overall Sellers

YadanaBeads. YadanaBeads shop, owned by yadanabeads, sells jewelry supplies, beads and findings. Favorite materials include beads, jade, stone, and pearls. The shop has 22,226 admirers and 182,914 sale transactions.

JewelrismINT. JewelrismINT shop, owned by DangsSupplies, sells jewelry supplies, featuring gold-plated floral pendants and posts, gold and silver beads and framed stones. The shop has 12,003 admirers and 150,689 sales.

Dime Store Emporium. Dime Store Emporium, owned by Terri Ventura, features copper and verdigris jewelry supplies with a vintage style. The shop has 16,776 admirers and 148,025 sales.

Yummy Treasures. Yummy Treasures shop, owned by Beth Carpenter, sells contemporary jewelry supplies, featuring colored beads and buttons made from glass or plastic. The shop has 13,254 admirers and 147,733 sales.

CLBEADS. CLBEADS shop, owned by clbeads, offers funky metal beads and findings for jewelry supplies. The shop has a 20 percent off policy on orders over $400. The shop has 11,245 admirers and 142,987 sales.

SunAndMoonCraftKits. SunAndMoonCraftKits shop, owned by SunAndMoonCraftKits, sells jewelry supplies that feature original glass designs and findings. The shop has 26,342 admirers and 142,557 sales.

shareliving. shareliving shop, owned by Snow, sells jewelry findings, and can customize metal and wooden pendants. It offers large discounts on bulk purchases. The shop has 19,120 admirers and 137,330 sales.

MK Supplies. MK Supplies shop, owned by Margaret and Patrick, sells vintage beads, Czech glass beads, plastic flower cabochons, cameos, findings and more jewelry supplies. The shop has 13,549 admirers and 113,760 sales.

Ever Luxe. Ever Luxe shop, owned by EverLuxe, features trendy jewelry supplies that are intended to give jewelry designers a wide variety of stylish combinations. The shop has 8,566 admirers and 112,571 sales.

BobbiThisnThat. BobbiThisnThat shop, owned by BobbiThisnThat, sells jewelry supplies, featuring Czech glass beads, over 300 Czech flower and leaf beads, Bali sterling and vermeil findings. The shop has 10,927 admirers and 95,765 sales.

Top 10 Handmade Sellers

Beanforest. Beanforest shop, owned by beanforest, sells original comic art buttons. The shop has 20,070 admirers and 63,889 sales.

AndersonSoapCompany. AndersonSoapCompany shop, owned by Dennis Anderson, sells hand crafted bath products. All soaps are made in small batches, 4 to 24 bars at a time. The shop has 20,144 admirers and 44,303 sales.

The Black Apple. The Black Apple shop, owned by Emily Winfield Martin , sells curious art, paper goods, lockets, dolls, and original children’s artwork. The shop has 43,718 admirers — the most on this list — and 39,410 sales.

Norajane. Norajane shop, owned by Mollie Flatley, features handmade stamps, mainly botanical images, that can be combined to make artwork. The shop has 22,927 admirers and 38,534 sales.

Happy Family. Happy Family shop, owned by happyfamily, sells fun shirts and bags for men, women, kids, and babies. It features original birthday number shirts and lots of funny designs. The shop has 20,453 admirers and 32,891 sales.

berkleyillustration. berkleyillustration shop, owned by berkleyillustration, sells original illustrations of animals and creatures, often dressed as people. The shop has 22,090 admirers and 32,576 sales.

CollageOrama. CollageOrama shop, owned by Matt D, sells original animal prints on dictionary pages. The shop has 11,971 admirers and 29,827 sales.

HomeStudio. HomeStudio shop, owned by Stef and Mark, sells Scrabble tile pendant jewelry. The shop has 11,776 admirers and 29,011 sales.

Savor. Savor shop, owned by Lisa, offers handmade soaps, body mists and lotions, and bath products. The shop has 13,236 admirers and 28,855 sales.

GudonyaToo. GudonyaToo shop, owned by GudonyaToo, sells hair care, bath and beauty products. The shop has 8,140 admirers and 28,395 sales.

Top 10 Vintage Sellers

Inkpainter. Inkpainter shop, owned by inkpainter, sells vintage jewelry and collectibles, such as bottle caps, postcards and animation cells. The shop has 4,992 admirers and 21,322 sales.

ohmymilky. ohmymilky shop, owned by Ann, sells vintage jewelry, findings, beads, buttons, and supplies. The shop has 4,200 admirers and 16,650 sales.

VintagePennyLane. VintagePennyLane shop, owned by Penny, specializes in handpicked vintage items and salvaged supplies. New listings added daily. The shop has 5,025 admirers and 13,567 sales.

estatesaletreasures. estatesaletreasures shop, owned by estatesaletreasures, sells vintage supplies and vintage paper products, such as postcards, checks, and books. The shop has 2,978 admirers and 10,232 sales.

Vintage Fabulous. Vintage Fabulous, owned Lacie, sells colorful vintage jewelry. It features salvaged/repurposed items, found objects, and sale items. The shop has 4,083 admirers and 9,630 sales.

FOUNDLINGS. FOUNDLINGS shop, owned by FOUNDLINGS, sells jewelry art and found objects, such as optical lenses and antique hardware items. The shop has 5,533 admirers and 9,234 sales.

CoolVintage. CoolVintage shop, owned by CoolVintage, sells vintage jewelry, paper goods, vintage linen and lace, watch parts, found objects, and archeological dig finds. The shop has 10,223 admirers and 8,758 sales.

RogueRetro. RogueRetro shop, owned by RogueRetro, specializes in recent vintage clothing from 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s. The shop has 7,090 admirers and 8,539 sales.

grandmothersattic. grandmothersattic shop, owned by Elizabeth Young, sells vintage games and collectibles, like bottle caps, playing cards, holiday items, and paper ephemera. The shop has 2,938 admirers and 8,071 sales.

bananastrudel. bananastrudel shop, owned by bananastrudel, has more than1,400 maps and 600 chromolithographs posted. The shop has 11,415 admirers and 8,058 sales.

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