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5 Content Marketing Ideas for March 2023

Content marketing combined with search engine optimization can provide online sellers with steady traffic. The problem is coming up with content ideas month after month.

In March, however, there is no small number of opportunities, even ignoring St. Patrick’s Day. Content marketers can address nutrition, “old stuff,” sleeping, water, and the weather.

Here are five content marketing ideas your business could try in March 2023.

1. National Nutrition Month

Photo of fruits and vegetables on a plate

March is National Nutrition Month and an occasion to share food-related content. Image: Anna Pelzer.

March is National Nutrition Month in the U.S. The purpose is to raise awareness about informed food choices and healthy eating habits.

During the month, retailers and brands can engage and educate customers about healthy eating through various content marketing efforts.

It’s especially relevant for merchants selling food, kitchen supplies, or fitness items, but other businesses could benefit, too. For example, brands focusing on sustainability could develop blog posts or videos connecting thoughtful eating with environmental stewardship.

2. National Old Stuff Day

Photo of an old television on a wood stand.

Many consumers seek retro, vintage, and collectible goods. Photo: Ajeet Mestry.

March 2, 2023, is National Old Stuff Day and an opportunity for specialty merchants and marketplaces. For example, National Old Stuff Day could be a peak selling date if your business sells antiques.

More generally, relevant sellers can create content highlighting the appeal of vintage and retro products — clothing, home decor, toys, collectibles, and even electronics. This could include articles about the appeal of vintage items, tips for collecting and caring, and even direct pitches of rare inventory.

3. National Sleep Awareness Week

Photo of a sleepign cat under a blanket

Many retailers and brands can address sleep in their content marketing efforts. Photo: Kate Stone Matheson.

March 13 to 19, 2023, is National Sleep Awareness Week in the United States and an opportunity to create content about sleep health.

This might include tips for improving sleep habits or discussing the mattresses and blankets that help.

Businesses that focus on sleep-related products should be all over this topic. But ancillary sellers can participate, too. A home decor retailer that sells sheets and blankets might create a National Sleep Awareness Week kit targeted to individuals and even employers, who could purchase the products for sleep-deprived staff.

4. World Water Day

Photo of water flowing from a kitchen faucet

World Water Day is a chance to produce articles about water, the outdoors, and the environment. Photo: Jacek Dylag.

The United Nations observes World Water Day every March 22. The purpose is to raise awareness about the importance and management of fresh water.

Companies in the eco-friendly, outdoor, and home goods industries can benefit from creating content — blog posts, infographics, videos — that focuses on World Water Day. The content can address water conservation and sustainable water management whilst connecting those practices to the businesses’ products, such as water filtration and hydration items.

Here are a few example titles.

  • Building supply store: “Advantages of a Low-flow Showerhead.”
  • A hiking and camping gear store: “How to Choose an Eco-friendly Water Bottle.”
  • A farm and ranch retailer: “10 Money-saving Cattle Watering Tips.”

5. World Meteorological Day

Photo of lightning across a prairie.

We all talk about the weather. Photo: Jonathan Bowers.

Many folks wake up in the morning and check the weather on their mobile phone. Will it be cold or hot? Rainy or sunny?

March 23 has been World Meteorological Day since 1961. The United Nations’ World Meteorological Organization established the observance to recognize the importance of weather forecasting.

For merchants, March 23 is an opportunity to create articles, podcasts, or videos about how weather impacts our lives.

Retailers and brands in many industries can take advantage, especially sellers of outdoor equipment, electronics, home decor, and travel items.

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