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9 Contests on Facebook from Retailers

Facebook Page owners can now run promotional contests directly on the Timeline, simply and easily, without high cost and without a third-party app provider. As a result, smaller merchants can consider hosting a contest, which could excite followers.

To inspire your own contest, here is a list of recent branded contests on Facebook. There are contests on Page Timelines and app pages. Some of the contests are run over several months; other contests are run daily. Prizes range from a t-shirt to a college scholarship.

For more on Facebook’s promotions change, read “Facebook Promotions Change Likely to Benefit Smaller Merchants,” a previous article.


Eggo hosted a classic recipe contest with a modern social component. Fans submitted creative recipes using Eggo waffles (e.g. “Waffle Coney Eggo Dog”). Then fans voted on the gallery of recipes to determine the finalists. The grand prize winner received $5,000.

Eggo Facebook Contest

Eggo Facebook contest.

Diamond Candles

Diamond Candles sells scented candles with real rings at the bottom worth up to $5,000. So, naturally, its fans enjoy contests, which are run weekly on the Diamond Candles Facebook page. Each contest awards a Diamond Candle to the winner. This contest post garnered 5,674 Likes and 8,134 shares.

diamond candles facebook contest

Diamond Candles Facebook contest.


Zales, the jewelry retailer, held a contest in which fans submitted “the most epic proposal ever.” The grand prize for the ultimate proposal was a free engagement ring and a trip to Mexico. With easy access to video recorders through webcams and smartphones, fans could easily record and upload their proposal schemes. To demonstrate the strength of this contest, even the “contest is now closed” post received nearly 1,000 shares and over 11,000 likes.

Zales Facebook Contest

Zales Facebook contest.


Qwertee sells a new limited edition t-shirt every 24 hours, where artists submit designs and fans vote. It runs daily contests for free t-shirts and hoodies. Fans Like the page and then post to enter, and comment or share for more chances to win. If you’re interested in running daily contests, Qwertee is a company to follow.

Qwertee Facebook Contest

Qwertee Facebook contest.


Dove hosted a contest called Real Beauty Should Be Shared. The contest asked fans to describe how a friend represents “real beauty,” celebrating the natural beauty of real people. Winners were chosen to be the faces of Dove in a new campaign.

Dove Facebook Contest

Dove Facebook contest.


AXE Canada held an interesting contest for the men’s body products brand. Fans left messages for the return of Canada’s space commander. Messages were included in a digital e-card to the astronaut. Participants had the chance to win AXE products. This contest is a nice example of how a contest submission can be simple and creative.

AXE Facebook Contest

AXE Facebook contest.


Macy’s photo contest called for fans to submit photos of their children and then vote on the entries. This is another classic contest with a nice social component. And it’s a good reminder that parents love to show off their children. Also winners received a $12,500 scholarship and a $350 Macy’s gift card, which is certainly of interest to any parent.

Macy's Facebook Contest

Macy’s Facebook contest.


Finish Canada (the dishwashing soap) held a contest in celebration of its gaining 300,000 friends on Facebook. Fans simply clicked “Like” for a chance to win a year’s supply of the dish cleaner. This post alone received 3,475 Likes and 245 shares.

Finish Facebook Contest

Finish Facebook contest.


Sephora, the beauty-products retailer, held a contest in celebration of new fragrances designed by Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen. Fans entered for a chance to win a trip to New York for a fashion show. Another recent Sephora contest offered a trip to Costa Rica and an assortment of products.

Sephora Facebook Contest

Sephora Facebook contest.

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