Actively Promote The Nuances Of Your Website

Many Internet-generated prospects need to be told why they should take action on your website, and often times online businesses don’t spend enough time on this issue — essentially generating fewer sales for the same cost of traffic. Below are some tips on how to get more bang for your buck.

Initial exposure

This process really begins with your marketing message. Do not try to deceive your prospects. If you’re offering free shipping over $100, make sure the restriction is clear. Since you would add that into your banner, pay-per-click or other campaigns, you are likely to see a drop in traffic, however, the resulted traffic should be much more qualified.

Reinforce your offer

Make sure you spell out your promotions on all pages. I have seen companies bury their best value statements “below the fold” or simply blend them in with the rest of the site. Think of your value-statements as top reason why you are better than others – spell it out. Don’t leave any room for guesswork.

Think outside the box

Turn standard business practices into exclusive offers not available elsewhere. As an example, you could offer both a regular 7-day return policy, but include a 7-day money back guarantee online.

If you’re worried about a high number of returns, test it out for two months and let the data tell you how to proceed. Most likely, you will find that people who would want to return the item would do so anyway. However, it is possible everybody who was unsure whether to proceed with a purchase was relieved to learn about a 7-day money back offer.

Industry awards and achievements

If you’re an online pastry shop, let the world know your store won that “Top Cake Award of 1998.” Don’t worry if most people have never heard about that competition or if the award is dated. The fact that it’s visually promoted is what counts. As a note, a website footer might not necessarily be the optimal location for your awards and achievements.

Testimonials & Client Showcase

Your happy customers are the best evidence that you are doing something right. Don’t shy away from reiterating that in the form of testimonials or client showcase on strategic locations on your website. Even a single-line testimonial in the global header could have a meaningful impact on sales/leads coming in.

Keep in mind , no changes that you make on your website are permanent. Whether you’ve noticed a significant impact by implementing the marketing suggestions above or not, all new tactics should be constantly tested.

Greg Laptevsky
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