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Booklist: McAfee VP Stuart McClure

In “Booklist” we ask Internet professionals

Stuart McClure

Stuart McClure

about the books and blogs they read, and why. For this list, we asked Stuart McClure, vice president and general manager risk and compliance unit at McAfee, the online security firm. McClure is responsible for overall business operations as well as product, sales, and marketing strategies for the business unit.

A well-published and acclaimed security expert, he has over 20 years of technology and executive leadership and extensive technical, operational, and financial experience. McClure and other McAfee executives post their thoughts on security matters at McAfee Security Insights Blog.

McClure’s suggested books, magazines, and blogs are listed below.


Thoughts Without a Thinker

By Mark Epstein

“The blurb inside the dust jacket describes Thoughts Without a Thinker as ‘…a major contribution to the exploration of discussion about how Eastern spirituality can enhance Western psychology’ and indeed it is.”

Warrior of the Light

By Paulo Coelho

“‘Warrior of the Light’ is a collection of texts gathered from the Internet writings of Paulo Coelho. In these texts, Paulo Coelho helps us to discover the warrior of the light within each of us.”


Psychology Today

“Many of the articles are written both from a clinical and academic perspective by doctors who have dedicated their professional lives to the promotion of sound psychology for the benefit of the communities in which they live.”

Inc. Magazine

“Provides vast information about companies, leaders, technology and more.”

Fast Company

“This is one of the most creative business magazines in the industry today reporting on innovation, digital media, technology and more.”


DCS FX Dispatch

“DC3 is on the leading edge of computer technologies and techniques and partners with governmental, academic, and private industry computer security officials.”

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