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Calling All Carts for the Shopping Cart Roundup

Choosing the right online shopping cart is one of the most important decisions an ecommerce merchant will make. And carts are possibly the hottest topic we regularly explore here at Practical eCommerce. This has prompted us to develop a comprehensive guide of every known shopping cart offered on the Internet. If you own a cart or work for a cart company, we want to make sure your cart is listed in our guide.

“The ecommerce industry needs a definitive shopping cart list. No respectable vendor will want to be left out,” said PeC contributing editor, Armando Roggio.

Tell us about your cart

This is your chance to tell the world why your cart is worth considering. Is it hosted or licensed? What is the price range, lowest to highest? How can customers contact your sales team to sign up for your cart? Take a few moments to fill out our online survey, and PeC will make sure your cart is on our 2009 list. We urge all cart owners to fill out the survey today.

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  1. celestialcreations March 25, 2009 Reply

    I hope you contact as i am using their pos/inventory control software for my one in store cash register but they have an integrated system that’s supposed to work off one inventory for both in store and online purchases. i would love to have it rated!

  2. Bill March 25, 2009 Reply

    Do we have to fill in the survey if we already responded to the first call (that didnt have a survey)?

  3. Kerry Murdock March 26, 2009 Reply


    No need to complete this form if you’ve already responded to us. Thank you.

    Kerry M.

  4. TexasDude April 8, 2009 Reply

    Great idea…and much needed!
    1. Please list how the support services are provided. Even the web-based support varies greatly from pages of text buried in verbiage, blurry screen shots, online video that is nothing more than PR, to online video that actually helps.
    2. List the extent to which the service is web-based stand-alone such that the merchant can tailor and go, or some other form that requires hourly fees.
    3. When will this great guide be published?

  5. Kristy June 5, 2009 Reply

    When will the shopping cart roundup be posted? We’ve been waiting for 3 months. Thanks!

  6. Kerry Murdock June 5, 2009 Reply


    Sorry we are delayed, but it is coming. It will be this summer sometime.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Kerry M.

  7. Kristy December 17, 2009 Reply

    My last post was in June so I wanted to check again to see if the shopping cart roundup will be published anytime soon. Thanks again!

  8. Kerry Murdock December 17, 2009 Reply


    Very sorry for the delay. The list is in the works, and we hope to have it out early in 2010.

  9. sbg781 August 13, 2010 Reply

    Shopping for an ecommerce/shopping cart solution for a mid-sized company I am working for. What a nightmare…… Having a really difficult time finding a source for guidance. It would be easy if this was a big company with a big budget or even a very small company. No- worst of all worlds…. and I am not a coder- not even close. More of a marketing background. If anyone has any sources/books… anything….. they could refer me to I would be very appreciative.