Customer Service Focus – December 2005

This month we are focusing on a several online businesses to see how different merchants deliver excellent customer service. We asked four merchants what was the single most important thing they did to deliver quality customer service.

Marilyn Lysohir, Owner of said, “We try to make the customer service as personal as we can by personally calling or personally writing emails. It takes more time to do this but it is important to us.”

Dale Carlson, President of explains, “The most important thing we do for quality customer service is the effort we make to deliver a personal experience to customers. This has very little to do with technology, but everything to do with caring for the customer.”

MaryAnn Crossfield, said, “Our company mails product orders directly from our store quickly and efficiently. Upon arrival of their order, we follow up with a customer email or a telephone call in order to make sure that the customer is 100% product satisfied.”

Steve Walker, said, “Number one goal is to ship products immediately and correctly. Our second imperative is to return customer calls and emails as soon as possible after receipt.”

Interestingly, all four merchants shared a similar theme, quick and personal service. This doesn’t take expensive technology, just a caring staff that understands that their customers are the most important factor in the business. Next month I will share more from these interviews and discuss where many merchants fall short with customer service.

PEC Staff
PEC Staff
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