November 2013 Top 10: Our Most Popular Posts

Each month we compile a list of the ten most popular articles — based on the number of page views — we published that month. Here are our ten most popular articles for November 2013, recognizing that articles we published earlier in the month are more likely to make the list than later ones.

22 Free Google Products for Small Business Owners

Google offers a number of free, useful tools that can help entrepreneurs and small business owners. Here is a list of 22 free online products from Google to help with online productivity.

Top 5 Things to Test in Ecommerce Websites

Thanks to new technology, performing A/B site tests no longer needs to be a difficult process. But just because testing is easier doesn’t mean online merchants always know what to test. Here are 5 things to test in ecommerce websites.

27 WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform on the Internet today and is used to host many ecommerce sites as well. This makes SEO for WordPress a must. Here is a list of 27 SEO plugins for WordPress.

Quick SEO Tips to Boost Holiday Sales

The holiday season is the most important time of year for many online merchants and boosting holiday sales is a top priority. In this piece, contributor Jill Kocher offers quick search-engine-optimization tips to boost holiday sales.

How to Create Compelling Ecommerce Content

Content marketing has become a popular marketing approach for online merchants. In this piece, contributor Dale Traxler provides information on ways to create compelling ecommerce content.

10 Google Apps for Social Media Management and Marketing

Google Apps is a suite of cloud-based applications that are helpful for running a business. Here are 10 Google Apps for social media management and marketing.

7 Online Marketplaces: Pros and Cons

Online marketplaces are often a good way for merchants to expand their reach and increase revenues. This piece examines the pros and cons of seven major marketplaces.

6 Ways to Capture Cyber Monday Sales

Cyber Monday is one of the biggest days of the year for online sales, making it especially important for online merchants. Here are six ways to capture Cyber Monday sales.

16 Free Online Tools for Small Businesses

Whether you’re starting a small business or you’re just thrifty, you can likely benefit from some free online productivity tools. Here is a list of online productivity tools for small businesses. There are apps for collaboration, accounting, scheduling, development, customer management, general office tasks, and more.

5 Holiday Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Merchants

Social media sites play an important role in reaching holiday shoppers. In this piece, contributor Armando Roggio offers five tips for using social media this holiday season.

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