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Pay-Per-Click Tools Improve Productivity

Daily pay-per-click management routine is not a lot of fun. Thankfully, there are a few tools out there that make the work much more efficient and allow search engine marketing professionals to look at the big picture. Below is a list of software tools that every pay-per-click account owner should consider.

AdWords Editor

AdWords Editor is Google’s campaign management application. It’s free, and it makes AdWords account updates a piece of cake. You are able to make adjustments to the account, except for a few recently-released AdWords features, through this desktop application and then post all changes to the live account.

It is easy to move around keywords, ads, ad groups and even entire campaigns using AdWords Editor. Additionally, an Excel-friendly export feature is available for all of you spreadsheet lovers.

PPC Keyword Generator

PPC Keyword Generator is also free. It is an easy to use application that helps generate long-tail keywords without complicated concatenation (the joining of two character strings end-to-end) macros in Excel. Additionally, this software comes with a list of sales words to consider testing with your core keywords. You should grow that list as you research keywords for your specific industry.

Conversion Optimizer

Conversion Optimizer is a recently released internal feature in Google. It is an internal bid manager that uses AdWords data to make necessary bid adjustments. I’ve had tremendous success with this bid management application over traditional bid management software and highly recommend testing this feature on one of your campaigns. You need to have at least 300 conversions in the past 30 days to qualify for this feature. Also, be aware that AdWords Editor does not work with Conversion Optimizer.


If you ever wonder what keywords your competitors are using, SpyFu is your answer. It scans search result pages for various keywords and matches those with corresponding advertisers. It is an interesting web-based tool for keyword ideas and competition analysis. Keep in mind that it is not 100 percent accurate.

Spend some time reviewing the above tools. Hopefully, some of them could speed up your PPC management routine and help you beat your competitors.

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  1. Legacy User May 20, 2008 Reply

    With our retail site we have also used a pretty decent tool from that allows running campaigns on a CPA basis.

    Of course, robust conversion rates are always the goal and we bumped our Google business by 27% in Q1 by using the tools available with (Google Product Injection plus we tied our PPC campaigns to site search which generates custom landing pages based upon the PPC search term).

    — *John Schoeph*

  2. Legacy User May 20, 2008 Reply

    Thanks. I'll see if I can demo those tools and post some feedback.

    — *Greg*

  3. Legacy User May 20, 2008 Reply

    Great start – however, there are many new tools which allow SEMs, or small to medium sized businesses to monitor their overall PPC programs. Many of these software platforms even assist in your bidding, recommend keywords, and even send over new bids to the top 3 search engines. The one that I like best is a newer product to the market named Soothware, out of NYC. They have an easy to use interface, intuitive planning tools, and overall user-friendly product. Check them out at (No, I do not work there, nor do I represent them. I just know the hassle it can be to truly monitor keyword bidding results.)

    — *Christian Leatham*