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Pay-per-click Tools Maximize Your Time

As a business owner and entrepreneur, you know that there are two things you can always use more of – money and time. While you are likely to increase the first item by reading this column, you can also free up more time by automating the management of your search marketing campaigns.

Over the last few years, the pay-per-click industry has sparked a number of software applications to make life easier and more efficient for search engine advertisers. The first tool that no advertiser should ever be without is a quality bid manager. Such an application manages all of your keywords and bids throughout the search engines that you advertise on. It can automatically maintain a desired position, catch and close bid gaps to make sure that you don’t overpay for clicks, and stay on top of your competitors. My recommended program for this is BidMaximizer™. It starts at $20 per month, is fully automated, and runs in the background while you are doing other work.

The second tool that can save much time and energy – especially for first-time advertisers – is PPC Accelerator. When you launch or run your campaign, you wind up spending a lot of time researching and compiling potential keywords to attract quality visitors. While this is a necessary element of a successful campaign, PPC Accelerator makes the process simpler and more streamlined. It helps you find new keywords, delete duplicates, localize or globalize the keywords, and so on.

Finally, the third tool that should be a part of your marketing arsenal is called AdSupervision. It’s a web-based service that monitors your website uptime and automatically suspends your pay-per-click campaigns if your web presence goes down. This ensures that you do not pay for traffic that goes to a site that’s unavailable.

These tools can help a great deal because they automate tasks that you spend your time on, so you can instead concentrate on other aspects of growing your business.

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