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The New 5 Sections, Free Stuff

The U.S. Postal Service has redesigned to make it faster and easier to do business. The site is organized into five sections: Ship a Package, Send Mail, Manage Your Mail, Shop, and Business Solutions. Each section is organized by what you want to do and features a Quick Tools menu.

Here is a list of services on the newly redesigned Included are many free tools, services, and resources vital to a small business.

Ship a Package

Order free boxes and other free supplies. Schedule a pickup online. Here are the services to ship your packages and merchandise without leaving your home or office.

Ship a Package.

Ship a Package.

Print a Label with Postage. Print domestic and international shipping labels. Ship online and save up to 15 percent on postage.

Schedule a Pickup. Enter the details on your pickup and when you’d like it.

Order Free Boxes. Order your free Priority and Express envelopes and boxes in bulk.

Calculate a Price. Find the postage price for domestic and international envelopes and packages. Calculate retail prices or business prices. This page also contains links to domestic and international price charts.

Get help on additional topics: Add Insurance & Extra Services, Compare Services & Prices, Prepare Domestic Shipments, Prepare International Shipments, and File an Insurance Claim.

Send Mail

These supplies and services will ensure your letters and envelopes get to their destinations safely, securely, and on time.

Send Mail.

Send Mail.

Buy Stamps. Buy stamps, prepaid envelopes, click-n-ship labels, labels, forms, scales, and more.

Create Customized Postage. Order personalized stamped envelopes, or click on the third-party vendor sites to create your unique postage.

Calculate a Price. Calculate domestic and international postage.

Get help on additional topics: Mail with Extra Services, Compare Services & Prices, Address Letters & Cards, Prepare International Mail, and Design Mail & Stamps.

Manage Your Mail

No need to go to the post office for a paper form. Manage your mail services for your home, business, or post office box, all online.

Manage Your Mail.

Manage Your Mail.

Track & Confirm. Enter your label number to see the status of your item. You can enter up to 10 labels at once. If you shipped with Express Mail, you’ll get point-by-point tracking details. If you used another service, you’ll see when it went out for delivery.

Get help on additional topics: Research Delivery Options, Learn About Free Product Samples, and more.


Shop at The Postal Store. Buy stamps, mailing & shipping supplies, personalized stamped envelopes, and more.

The Postal Store.

The Postal Store.

Business Solutions

Whether you need help promoting your business or are looking to cut costs in your daily operations, get the information, tools, and services you need to meet your business goals.

Business Solutions.

Business Solutions.

Calculate Business Prices. Calculate postage rates for domestic business services.

Compare Business Services. Compare postage rates on a variety of mailing services for businesses, as well as calculate volume savings.

Add Extra Services. Get rates for domestic and international extra services, such as insurance, registered mail, and more.

Find Payment Options. When sending business mail, you have several choices for creating and paying for postage. Compare your options, including printing online, using vendors, postage meters, and permit imprints.

Send Direct Mail. Learn how to capture and keep a target audience, plan an advertising campaign, and make your direct mail produce measurable results.

Ship Orders. Fulfill orders and complete transactions with USPS services. Use a shipping consolidator to fulfill orders or USPS digital tools and equipment to do it internally.

Ship Internationally. Learn more about USPS solutions for international shipping, free global shipping software, and relationships with approved postal providers.

Receive Business Mail. Beyond the basic hold and forwarding services — which are free — USPS offers businesses premium services to help you keep up with incoming mail.

Get Training & Learn to Grow. The USPS offers training to anyone who wants to learn more about using the mail for cost-effective business growth. Get business mail training, or join the community of business mailers.

Track with Intelligent Mail. Track your mail through the postal system, using machine-readable codes, such as barcodes, to uniquely identify mail.

Manage Address Quality. Get products to manage the quality of your mailing lists. Access tools for addressing software.

Learn About Remittance Mail. Find useful tools and resources to better manage your remittance mail operations.

Learn About Expanded Access. Learn about the postal products and services that retailers can offer to attract additional customers.

Find Customer Relations Info. Find the tools and resources you need to make mail work for you and your business

Additional Resources

Business Customer Gateway. The Business Customer Gateway gives you a single, unified landing point to access the Postal Service’s online business offerings. These channels consist of the products that support Intelligent Mail Full Service Mailing. This includes PostalOne!, FAST (Facility Access and Shipment Tracking), CLDS (Customer Label Distribution System), and Mailer IDs (MID).

USPS Mobile Solutions. USPS Mobile gives you instant, on-the-go access to the most popular tools on Track a package, find post offices and collection boxes, calculate prices, and look up zip codes anywhere you go. Available for iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry.

USPS Mobile Solutions.

USPS Mobile Solutions.

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