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Video: SEO Website Update

View Tutorial In January 2006, Contributor Stephan Spencer, founder and CEO of search-firm Netconcepts, critiqued the search engine optimization efforts of, following a request from that company. In this SEO Report Card critique, Spencer issued a D+ for an overall SEO grade.

In September 2007, Spencer revisited the SEO progress of, and reports his findings in the video tutorial below.

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Stephan Spencer

Stephan Spencer

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  1. Legacy User October 30, 2007 Reply

    Hey there. I think you missed quite a bit, you didn't talk about image tags, descriptions, anchor text. Overall rating of the presentation. C+

    — *Benjamin P*

  2. Legacy User October 30, 2007 Reply

    Were you upset they traded unrealated links or upset they named the page "links?" On October 1 you advised getting more links?

    — *John*

  3. Legacy User October 30, 2007 Reply

    This was great for me. I found it very helpful … bring on more video tutorials!

    — *Jose*

  4. Legacy User October 30, 2007 Reply

    I agree. Boring and very general. More details please.

    — *Dan N*

  5. Legacy User October 31, 2007 Reply

    You guys are a bit hard. He is providing this content for free and most of it has been very helpful.

    — *Robert L*

  6. Legacy User November 2, 2007 Reply

    Yes, there was a lot missing but it was a good high level overview; not to mention Stephan took the time to make the video. And for that I give him credit.

    I don’t know Stephen but it's people like him that promote themselves by helping the community. Don’t forget time is money. If you perhaps look at it from a business
    stand point you will understand that if you want someone’s knowledge then you must pay for it and that’s why did not get all the answers.

    By the way I do not see anyone else who here getting real estate on a page with high traffic like Stephen.

    Job well done and great promotion

    — *TKing*