Video Tutorial: Creating an RSS Feed

View Tutorial Learn how to create a simple RSS feed in this tutorial by Practical eCommerce’s Online Director Brian Getting. Walk through creating the XML file needed to establish a syndicated feed, and a look at the minimum tags, or feed elements, required to have a meaningful feed. No explanations of technologies, no theories, just a straight-forward example of an RSS feed that you can have up and running on your site in minutes, or use as a template for creating more advanced feeds.

This tutorial is intended for website developers that are beginning with RSS feeds. A basic understanding of markup languages, XML and website file management are assumed. Please submit any questions or comments to this tutorial in the “comments” section below. This is the first video tutorial from Practical eCommerce, and we’re interested in your feedback on the helpfulness of this feature, and we welcome suggestions on future video tutorials.

Software Used: Adobe Dreamweaver 8

Sample Files:

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This video tutorial requires Flash Player version 8 or above. Please forward us your ideas for additional video tutorials, via our Contact Us form.

Brian Getting
Brian Getting
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