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What is Ruby on Rails?

First there was Ruby, and now there is Ruby on Rails.

Ruby is an open-source web-programming language that was developed in Japan in 1995. Ruby resides on your web server and operates similarly to other programming languages, such as PHP, ASP and Perl.

“Rails” is a separate pre-built framework to help automate common Ruby commands. It was developed in 2004 by a Danish programmer, David Heinemeirer Hansen. It, too, is open-source and it makes programming in Ruby much easier and quicker.

For example, to write programming code to create, update and delete files from a database can take much time and effort. Rails, however, has a pre-built framework for quickly programming this common task in Ruby, and by using it a programmer can accomplish in minutes what would sometimes take hours to do.

As such, Ruby on Rails is gaining in popularity as a simple, easy and free programming option to create websites. To read more, see and

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