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Top 45 Video Sharing Sites Where You Can Publish Your Video

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published by Web Marketing Today. Practical Ecommerce acquired Web Marketing Today in 2012. In 2016, we merged the two sites, leaving Practical Ecommerce as the successor.

I’ve tried to rank video sharing sites in order of importance based on a combination of site’s homepage PageRank and Alexa Rank during the week of November 4, 2007. I am quite aware of the weaknesses of Alexa ranking and Google PageRank, but it’s still helpful guidelines to the relative importance of a site — and they’re free.

Most of these sites share videos only. Others share all kinds of photos and media as well as being social networking centers, so it’s hard to compare apples with apples. Still others, such as Brightcove, are moving away from free towards a service model for businesses to host and publish their videos.

I’ve marked the sites that can be tracked and uploaded to using TubeMogul, a convenient (and currently free) service for those who wish to distribute their videos to multiple sites. Some organizations will probably want to avoid some of the hippest sites listed below — though others may provide just the target audience they’re trying to reach with their videos. Don’t try to submit your video to all these sites — pick the few that suit your target demographic well. You soon reach the point of diminishing returns, since those at the bottom of the list have just a tiny fraction of the traffic of those at the top. They only reason I’ve included them is because some represent important niches that some businesses will want to reach, such as GodTube for the Christian market.

It’s pretty clear that hosting videos is fairly expensive since the file sizes are so large. Since finding ways to monetize a video sharing site are still in flux, I expect that many of the sites below will be out of business within the year — so if some of the links don’t work, that’s why.

TubeMogul Alexa Rank PageRank
YouTube x 3 8
Google Video x 1 9
Yahoo Video x 1 8
AOL (Uncut) Video x 1 7
MySpace x 6 8
MSN Video 3 7
DailyMotion (Europe) x 51 7
PhotoBucket 33 8
Veoh x 78 7
MetaCafe x 140 7
Multiply 104 6
Imeem 155 6
Break 276 7
Esnips 325 6
BuzzNet 513 6
LiveVideo 878 6
Heavy 1304 6
Brightcove x 3783 8
SPIKE (iFilm) 1681 7 x 3889 8
Revver x 3952 8
GoFish 1548 6
PutFile 1765 6
Porkolt 2073 5
Vidmax 2511 5
Lulu 3810 7
Vimeo 6908 6
Crackle x 16532 7
StupidVideos x 14446 6
Flixya 7526 6
JumpCut 9627 7
VidiLife 7862 5
ZippyVideos 9168 5
GodTube 10211 5
Vsocial 16539 6
Phanfare 24998 6
DropShots 21712 5
Dotv 23231 5
MotionBox 49186 8
Sharkle 31902 5
ClipShack 37408 5 56780 6
VideoWebTown 51072 5
VMIX 65097 6
EyeSpot 66151 6
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