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34 Ecommerce Themes for WordPress

A WordPress ecommerce theme can take a regular blog and transform it into a dazzling online storefront. Find the theme that’s right for you, then customize it to create your unique store.

This is a list of ecommerce themes for WordPress. There are free themes, if you’re just getting started. And there are premium themes, with extra features and support. Next to each theme name, you’ll find the price.

SimpleCart(js) — Free

A simple, attractive theme to create a basic shop — at no cost. Includes grid layout, and a flexible color scheme. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Crafty Cart — Free

One of the first ecommerce themes for WordPress, it’s still is one of the best. Products are displayed as a list with thumbnail images. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Shopme — Free

This free theme features a carousel display, top products on home page, and sidebar widgets. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

App Cloud — Free to $59.90

A clean and minimalist design to sell your apps or gadgets. Slide-show display is ideal for catching eyes. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Kelontong — Free to $59.90

The color scheme and sliders create a powerful ecommerce aesthetic. Features sidebar widgets, and a variety of product views. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Kakileema — Free to $59.90

This colorful theme is ideal for a clothes or apparel shop. Product slideshow, two sliders and several banner spots can display a large collection. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Bangkoo — Free to $59.90

This free theme has a nice featured display, along with a “recent products” slider and “shop by category” section. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

iKonik — Free to $59.90

This free theme is designed to sell icons and graphic design elements, such as logos or buttons. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

SimpleCart 2 — $50

This revamped theme is customizable and easy to use. Manage search engine optimization, save your theme options and transfer them to another site. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Emporium — $65

A clean and simple theme that should work for a variety ecommerce stores. Built on top of the ecommerce functions that Templatic includes in many of its WP themes, such as order management, shipping options, and multiple payment gateways.

Store — $65

A simple, functional theme with a novel first-page layout. Includes a shopping cart, multiple shipping options, multiple payment gateways, and all of the Templatic features.

Store Front — $65

This basic theme by Templatic is simple and professional. Two-column layout is suitable for a wide variety of stores. Offers the features of Templatic’s ecommerce themes.

e-Commerce — $65

Another nice design by Templatic, this shop is designed to be a boutique. Ideal display to highlight select items.

Kidz Store — $65

This colorful kid store theme is by Templatic. Design is easy to navigate and easy to use.

eShop — $65

This Templatic theme is intended to resemble the Apple store. Contains an eye-catching product slider on the home page.

WP Store — $65

This Templatic theme has a large product slideshow on the home page. Clean, modern design is ideal for highlighting products.

Productz — $75

This Templatic theme has a large product display slideshow on the home page. There is an area to display services you offer, in addition to featured products.

eStore — $39 Membership

This theme by ElegantThemes is designed to be a clothing store, but it can be used for a variety of shops. Features include integration with a variety of shopping carts, ad management, search-engine-optimization options, localization to translate themes into multiple languages, and much more.

Market Theme — $55

Market Theme includes a variety of page templates and an integrated shopping cart. Features product management tools, multiple payment gateways, product search, and much more.

Auction Theme — $69.99

This theme offers you the chance to transform your WordPress site into an auction or reverse-auction enterprise.

The Jewelry Shop —$45

Ideal theme for a jewelry shop or boutique. Shopping cart is built-in. Features include 34 custom widgets and areas, products with video, login/registration, protected account area, customer wish list buttons, and much more.

Viroshop — $35

A sleek theme with lots of tools to help you sell online. Shopping cart is built-in. Features includes an image slider, customer wishlist buttons, coupons, member pricing, multiple payment gateways, currencies, tax rates, and shipping options.

The Furniture Store — $45

This theme displays a large slideshow on the homepage. Shopping cart is built-in. Features 23 custom widgets, 27 widget areas, customer wish list buttons, two child themes RSS feeds, and much more.

enVirashop — $30

A simple theme, perfect for selling a product. Shopping cart is built-in. Features include Lightbox integration for viewing products, a jQuery slider, product options, multiple payment gateways, and tax rate options.

The Clothes Shop — $45

Home page displays a large slider, with products categories underneath images. Shopping cart is built-in. Features include 30 widget areas, 22 custom widgets, customer wishlist, blog, and much more.

OScomm — $12

A clean and simple theme, ideal for selling computer and electronic equipment. Features a jQuery slider, product detail page, category page, and checkout page.

WP FlexiShop — $35

This theme has some nice effects, ideal for any shop. Features a jQuery slider and additional effects, three different layouts, 12 widgets areas, links for promotions, and more. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Mazine WordPress Theme — $35

Stylish theme with nice effects. Features six color variations, three different sliders, newsletter widget, contact form widget, and more. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

RGBStore — $30

This is a nice theme for an electronics shop. Features six separate page templates, jQuery slider, auto image resizing with new post thumbnail, and more. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Child Care — $40

This is a nicely illustrated theme, ideal for a basic shop. Features include a simple shopping cart, blog, newsletter system, seven custom widgets, Google Map on contact page, and more.

WPC — $30

This is a simple black-and-white theme. Features include blog, social networking integration for individual products, styling options for home page and category pages. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

Kids Toys — $40

This is a toy shop theme with nice illustrations. Features a simple shopping cart, newsletter, five widget areas, products page and specials page.

Sofa Shoppr — $40

This is an attractive theme for your shop. Features include a shopping cart, eight widgets, banner rotation, switchable layouts, order tracking, stock inventory manager, multiple payment gateways, multiple prices per product, and localization.

Simple Shopper — $79

This theme contain a long list of features, including 20+ payment gateways, 20+ shopping cart designs, currency tools, ad slots, blog section, and much more. Works with WP e-Commerce plugin.

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