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17 Social Media Cheat Sheets

These days, small businesses use a variety of social media sites in their marketing efforts. Cheat sheets are a helpful way to keep the functionality of each site straight.

Here is a list of cheat sheets for the major social media sites. There are infographic tools to identify keyboard shortcuts and other functionality. There are also cheat sheets of best practices for social media sites.


The One Page Facebook Guide. This guide takes the user through five key steps that are essential to use Facebook to its full potential: setting up your profile, your profile, managing your Facebook, marketing your business on Facebook, and Facebook policies.

Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts. Facebook provides users with about a dozen handy shortcuts to use for faster navigation. This cheat sheet lists them all, including codes for Facebook chat smileys.

The Ultimate Facebook Marketing Cheat Sheet. Learning all the nuances of various social networks can be a tricky and time-consuming feat, especially considering how frequently they add, remove, and modify features. Here is a cheat sheet that businesses and marketers can use to make the most of Facebook.


Twitter Shortcuts. Did you know that Twitter supported keyboard shortcuts? This cheat sheet lists all shortcuts that you can use to navigate Twitter faster.

Twitter Cheat Sheet. This simple Twitter cheat sheet includes basic tips and explanations of the most popular terms and icons.

Twitter Manners. This Twitter cheat sheet is a simple guide on how to behave when tweeting. It provides basic, essential social guidelines.

The 100 Twitter Rules To Live By. This cheat sheet is a list of one hundred rules on managing your Twitter account. It includes tips on posting, discovering your audience, Twitter manners, and more.


Google+ Cheat Sheet. This is a cheat sheet for Google+ to help understand the obvious features, as well as some hidden shortcuts and hotkeys.

Google+ Cheat Sheet 2nd Edition. Here is another cheat sheet on the basics of Google+ from Simon Laustsen. This sheet covers basic circle workings and navigation, plus some additional actions such as sharing photos.

The Complete Google+ Cheatsheet. This Google+ cheat sheet covers general functionality, as well as a full list of tips and tricks, including keystrokes.


The Small Business Social Media Cheat Sheet. It’s no longer enough for a small business to have just a website. Don’t know where to start? This cheat sheet will help you navigate the major social media sites.

Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheet. Most of us use at least three social media sites. This is a handy table of keyboard shortcuts for Twitter, Google+, and Facebook.

How Blocking on Social Media Works. This infographic explains how blocking on social media works. Get quick answers on blocking for Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

So What Is Spam? Different social medias have different ideas on what constitutes spam. Learn acceptable levels of promotional marketing on the major social networks.

Public Cheat Sheet: Social Media for News. This is a very interesting cheat sheet on best uses of social media. Though it is primarily for journalists, it is full of helpful tips and best practices, illustrating the distinct purpose of each social media.

The Complete Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet. Looking for the appropriate sizing for the branding and text in the background of your new Twitter profile? This chart is a one-stop shop for all of your social media sizing headaches.

Social Media Leaders. This comprehensive infographic serves both as a cheat sheet for the newbies and a scorecard for old hands. Get the 2012 statistics and standings on the various social media sites, including usage, revenue and employee count.

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