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10 Brands on Vine

Vine is Twitter’s video sharing app that allows users to record six-second looping videos on their iOS or Android smartphones. Many brands have embraced Vine as a fun tool to promote their products and inspire followers.

Here is a list of companies producing Vine videos. There are micro how-to videos, behind-the-scenes footage, inspirational scenes, and Vine contests for brand followers.

General Electric

General Electric creates and promotes inspiring moments of science under the hashtag #6SecondScience. Recently it announced a #6SecondScience fair for people to share science projects. It’s an example of the company’s social media drive to promote “imagination at work.”

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters provides style clips and useful how-to videos for its hipster audience. It was one of the first brands to launch a contest campaign on Vine, teaming up with Converse, where fans submitted clips under the hashtag #yourchucks to win prizes.


Lowe’s produces micro how-to videos under the hashtag #LowesFixInSix. This Vine clip offers a practical use for an old rake head. The clips are a captivating blend of creativity and efficient home improvement.

Lucky Magazine

Lucky Magazine offers behind-the-scenes footage and fun how-to style videos. Clips under the hashtag #lessonsinlayering offer quick lessons on putting together looks, with variations as the layers build. This video presents layered looks for summer.


Oreo has grown a dedicated social media following by celebrating its iconic brand and having fun with its cookie. Under the hashtag #OreoSnackHacks, Oreo’s Vine videos present quick and quirky ways to utilize the cookie in snack recipes. This video shows how to make Oreo freeze pops.

Peanut Butter Co.

Possibly the best example of Vine success comes from Peanut Butter Co. On National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (April 2), this small peanut butter company shared a six-second creation of a great PB&J sandwich, which ended with a downloadable coupon. The clip went viral with more than 300,000 views and 6,000 coupon downloads.


ASOS is the U.K.’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. Along with an assortment of fun style videos (one of which demonstrates putting jeans in a blender), its Vine clips feature happy customers receiving their packages. Fans send these clips, and the winners receive an unspecified prize.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is a fashion and lifestyle brand, with a modern aesthetic and a history of in-your-face imagery. Its Vine videos feature simple iconic scenes that speak to the Calvin Klein brand and behind-the-scenes clips from runway events. This clip is one of a series, all showing the same model working out.


Cadbury UK is a chocolate and candy company. Under the hashtag #CadburyKitchen, its Vine videos feature creative recipes using its candy. This clip shows how to bake a “brookster” – half brownie, half cookie.


Etsy is the online marketplace for handmade and vintage items, and craft supplies. Its Vine videos feature DIY and cool craft projects. This clip kicks off its #craftparty 2013, a celebration of party craft by the Etsy community.

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