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10 Google Tools and Resources for Entrepreneurs

This summer Google launched Google My Business, a platform for businesses to manage their presence across Google applications, including search and Google+. The new platform is just one more example of Google’s drive to embrace entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.

Here is a list of Google tools and resources to help entrepreneurs launch and grow their businesses. There are resources for startup ventures, small businesses, and solo entrepreneurs.

Google My Business

Google My Business is a platform for businesses to manage their online presence with Google. Businesses can synchronize their information, track engagements with insights, build customers using a Google+ page, monitor AdWords campaigns, and more. Businesses with physical locations can enter local search, read and respond to reviews, and get insights on how customers searched for a business.

Google for Entrepreneurs

Google for Entrepreneurs website

Google for Entrepreneurs.

Google for Entrepreneurs partners with startup communities and builds “campuses” where entrepreneurs can learn, connect, and create companies. It features a variety of resources and tools to empower entrepreneurs develop innovative startups.

  • Campuses. Google for Entrepreneurs has two campuses: Campus London and Campus Tel Aviv. Three more campuses are coming soon: Campus Warsaw, Campus São Paulo, and Campus Seoul. Each campus offers its own programs, such as a “hack space” to test new ideas, a bootcamp for early stage startups, a community of parent entrepreneurs, and on-campus residence.
  • Startup Communities. Google for Entrepreneurs partners with organizations that build community and teach entrepreneurs how to turn ideas into thriving startups. Partners include Startup Grind, UP Global, Blackbox Connect, American Underground, and Capital Factory.
  • Tools for Entrepreneurs. Google for Entrepreneurs and General Assembly (the online course company) have partnered to provide weekly lessons for entrepreneurs of all kinds. Take your skills to the next level with business, marketing, and technical classes taught by leading entrepreneurs, academics, and experts. Recent presentations include Designing Persuasive Presentations, Finding Product Market Fit, and Your First Email Marketing Campaign.
  • Think with Google. Think with Google is a online magazine to put Google research and insight behind your business strategy. The site is an information resource on the data and trends that Google is tracking, along with behind-the-scenes looks at digital campaigns across industries, platforms and audiences. The site also features terrific tools for entrepreneurs, such as Brand Impressions, Consumer Barometer, Mobile Calculator, Display Benchmarks, and more.
  • Google Business Groups. Google Business Groups are independent community-led groups formed by passionate individuals. All events are free and open to business professionals who are interested to learn and become more successful in using the Internet for their business. Search the map to find a group near you.
  • Startup Launch. Startup Launch helps startups design, develop, and distribute over the Google Developers’ platform. Apply for access to the pilot program. Get mentorship from Google developers and experts, attend exclusive networking events, access free training, and get featured by Google.

Google Helpouts

Google Helpouts website

Google Helpouts

Helpouts is Google’s platform for professionals to connect with customers and provide services over live video. Offer your expertise in return for payment, or for free to entice new customers. Offer sessions at times that suit your schedule. Use free online resources to spread the word about your Helpouts.

Google Small Business Community

Google Small Business Community website

Google Small Business Community.

Google Small Business Community is a group created by Google+ Your Business so that small businesses can get the help they need to succeed on the web. The group hosts Hangouts and Q&As with experts and industry leaders, such as the recent Hangout with the leader of the U.S. Small Business Administration and the voice of small business in President Obama’s Cabinet, Maria Contreras-Sweet. Members also enjoy features like #FeedbackFridays and #Bizdom topic-specific training sessions.

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps for Work website

Google Apps for Work.

Google Apps for Work is a suite of apps to help businesses be more productive from anywhere. Schedule and run meetings with Calendar, Gmail, and Hangouts. Draft content in Docs that is automatically stored in Drive, so that everyone on your team has the current version. Google Apps offer entrepreneurs a suite of the tools they need to help reach their goals. Plans start at $5 per user per month.

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