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10 Tutorials for Product Photography

To showcase your products at little expense, consider do-it-yourself product photography. Assemble a professional-level production setup at very little cost, and there are plenty of expert tutorials available to guide you in the process.

Here is a list of tutorials to create product images. There are tips to get started, instructions on assembling the right gear, and secrets from experts on how to create photos that stand out.


The Ultimate DIY Guide to Beautiful Product Photography. From the Shopify ecommerce blog, this tutorial includes DIY tips, notes on each of the elements you’ll need, and a step-by-step guide on how to photograph your product on a white background.

Shopify Ecommerce Blog

Secrets for Unique Product Photography From 4 Professionals. This tutorial is from interviews with four professional photographers, sharing their secrets for taking unique product photographs. Each has original advice on lighting, equipment, and personal style.

Best Camera for Product Photography. With so many available options, deciding on the best camera for product photography isn’t easy. DSLR, smartphone, compact system — all can produce good results with the right approach. This guide weighs the pros and cons of each system and offers tips on how to get the best from your choice.

Modahaus Blog.

10 Beginner Tips for Unique Product Photography. If you are timid and unsure in your photography, you may never produce a truly unique product photo. This tutorial provides 10 tips to help you create truly unique product photography.

Studio Quality Product Photography with a $12 Set Up. If you want an extremely low budget approach, this post from Handmadeology’s resident photography pro shows how to assemble a production setup for only $12.


Snap Snap Snap. Whether you’re selling your old stuff on eBay or whether you are an Etsy entrepreneur, professional photographer Jack Hollingsworth will show you how to get the best pictures to sell your small items.

Best Lens for Small Product Photography. What is the best lens to use? This video discusses the Nikon 28-105mm, a sharp and capable lens to get outstanding professional product images, especially for jewelry.

Easy Etsy Product Photography at Home with an iPhone. This video shows how to take professional-looking photos for your online shop using just your smartphone.

DIY Turntable for 360 Degree Product Photography. This video quickly shows how to set up an inexpensive 360 degree photography studio.

How To Make Your Product Look Sexy With One Softbox. This video shows how to effortlessly light a product with the use of just one softbox.

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