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12 Email-marketing Twitter Feeds to Follow in 2015

Email messages can deliver relevant, actionable, and engaging content directly to shoppers, ultimately improving sales or helping businesses achieve any number of goals. Getting the most from an email-marketing campaign and maximizing those sales, however, is a dynamic art and science that combines creative disciplines like writing and graphic design with analytics and behavioral data.

Marketers certainly have no shortage of email-marketing resources. In fact one could find helpful information about the latest and most successful email-marketing trends from any one of a dozen or more blogs, YouTube channels, and podcasts — and even from the resource pages that most email service providers offer.

To this collection of email-marketing-related resources, consider added a few exceptional Twitter feeds.

Loren McDonald, @lorenmcdonald

Loren McDonald is a vice president of industry relations and an overall email evangelist at IBM Silverpop. He is also the author of the book Almost Everything You Wanted to Know About Email Marketing.

McDonald’s email-related tweets frequently link to insightful articles or videos that will almost certainly help ecommerce marketers do a better job of engaging customers and making sales.

Simms Jenkins, @simmsjenkins

Simms Jenkins’ email-heavy resume is impressive. First, Jenkins is the chief executive officer at BrightWave, an email-marketing agency. Next, Jenkins is the author of two email marketing books, The Truth About Email Marketing and The New Inbox: Why Email Marketing Is the Digital Marketing Hub in a Social & Mobile World. Jenkins’ tweets often include links to useful email-marketing-related articles.

Bronto Software, @bronto

Marketing automation platform provider Bronto Software is focused on email and ecommerce, making many of its Twitter posts valuable for online sellers. The company tends to link to content from its own site or industry partners. The Bronto Twitter feed can also be a good source for discovering other sources for email and marketing insights.

Christopher S. Penn, @cspenn

Christopher S. Penn is a respected marketer, podcaster, public speaker, and email marketing expert. He is also vice president of marketing technology at SHIFT Communications, a public relations firm. Penn is the author of the book Marketing White Belt: Basics for the Digital Marketer, and its forthcoming follow-up Marketing Blue Belt: From Data Zero to Marketing Hero. Like many of the marketing experts on this list, Penn is not only a creator of interesting tweets, but a curator — pointing followers to interesting articles, data, information graphics, or similar.

Justine Jordan, @meladorri

Justine Jordan was recently named Email Evolution Conference’s “Email Marketer Thought Leader of the Year.” Jordan, who serves as marketing director for Litmus, an email testing and tracking service, is known for her excellent articles, videos, and blog posts about email marketing. Her tweets often link to her own email-marketing-related content, but she also post links to other, interesting email content.

MailChimp, @mailchimp

The MailChimp Twitter account had more than 155,000 follows at the time of writing. While that may seem like a lot of folks, it is not really that surprising given the email service provider’s consistently good tweets.

Chad White, @chadswhite

Chad White is the author of the “Email Marketing Rules” blog, a lead research analyst for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, and formerly the lead researcher for email service provider ExactTarget. White’s email marketing blog is a good source for data-driven, email-marketing insights. Of particular interest may be some of his work related to how mobile phone users interact with email.

Scott Hardigree, @indiescott

Scott Hardigree’s companies include (a) Indiemark, an email-marketing agency, (b) Black Box, an email abuse prevention tool for email service providers, and (c) FormSwell, an email signup form service. Hardigree’s tweets often point to email-marketing resources and content, including upcoming webinars of interest, articles, or even email-related reports.

IBM Silverpop, @silverpop

Silverpop is a marketing software provider with deep roots in email marketing. The company regularly produces excellent email-marketing whitepapers, webinars, and articles, many of which are referenced in the company’s Twitter Feed.

Jay Jhun, @emailrocks

Jay Jhun is the vice president of strategic services at BrightWave, the email-marketing agency. Jhun is one of the best strategic marketers in North America. On Twitter, Jhun’s post are most often focused squarely on email, but you will also see a few items about marketing more generally, his company, or Atlanta (BrightWave’s headquarters).

Jordie van Rijn, @jvanrijn

Consultant and columnist Jordie van Rijn is an email thought leader. He frequently points out ways to improve email marketing success, including offering suggestions for email content, email benchmarking, and similar. His Twitter feed is also a good place to take the pulse, if you will, of the email marketing industry.

Mark Brownlow, @markbrownlow

Given that he is the owner and operator of the Email Marketing Reports website, it is not surprising the Mark Brownlow tweets a lot about email marketing success. What is, perhaps, surprising is that he does not tweet more often. Following Brownlow will only net a handful of tweets a quarter, but they can be good ones.

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